Thursday, June 17, 2010

playing pretend on the fly

On Monday morning I jumped out of bed anticipating the start of a fun new and free sewing class. First come first served admittance. I flew down the freeway with hardly any morning traffic and crossed my fingers then entire way in hopes of a spot in this class. I figured... not a lot of people are interested in sewing right?

Boy was i ever wrong. There was a HUGE line spanning the entire second level of the facility with over 100 people waiting to be admitted. Both young and old, men and women. It was SO cool to see that I was so very wrong. I loved it. I felt like i was amongst my people. Bringing the old school craft magic back. *insert hi 5*

I wait listed at lucky #13 and off I went back to the car trying to figure out what to do with my morning and the rest of the day.
what to do? what to do.

I was in serious need of some inspiration... so off to Anthro I went!

I called mr.handsome to tell him the good news. off to anthro mister! yay!
his tone full of nerves. :) he gets that way every time hahaaa!
he kindly reminded me just how little we had in the bank. bills to pay. mouths to feed. yeah yeah. i will shop with my eyes only -promise!

So I had to get creative. I entered the store, enjoyed the beautiful colors, the patterns the textures. oh my. oh my.

{ I sat in this beautiful chair }

{ leisurely flipped through this amazing book with pure eye candy }

never paying attention to shoppers passing by. Just sitting, relaxing and taking it all in. I felt so rested. So filled with ideas and color. It was wonderful. I also managed to purchase the least expensive thing I've ever purchased at Anthro, the little chemistry glass jar on the lower right hand side of the "R" photo in the previous post. Mr. handsome was baffled.
Heck, he almost went into a state of shock.

So off I went home after a lovely morning... but then i realized, i hadn't been thrifting in a while. Goodwill seemed to be beckoning my name. Something pretty and sweet was waiting for me :)

I could not resist.
Please allow me to introduce my new-to-me prized possession:

Sweet little Blue Shoes

Adorable right?
They are less than 2 inches in length. I was so thrilled! The cobalt blue! So stunning. The little windmills, the pretty little details. I was smitten indeed.

cutie shoes

I also purchased the green little cup/vase (pictured) for only $1. score!!!

I realized only later I had seen the SAME thing earlier at anthro! look:

love love love

fancy that

So i quickly lined up to pay. Holding my treasures close to me in my little hands for fear someone would snatch them from me. The lady in front of me was thrilled at them. The lady behind me was even more thrilled oohing and ahhing. The cashier held the pair of shoes up for all to see and exclaimed "how CUTE!".
Yes ma'am. and now all mine :)

Of course mr.handsome came home after this pretty little photo shoot and gazed at them.
finally remarking: My grandmother had something like that.

really? can't you just agree they are cute? i mean look at them. really. xoxo

lets just pretend he didn't say that shall we?



Nadine said...

I used to have a lot of those
pretty porcelain shoes (:
but that was a long time ago.
think my mom threw them out >.<

Unknown said...

Great scores! I got one of those cute chenistry bottle thingys a few weeks ago, too- for $4! Your Mr. Handsome story reminds me of a story with my hubby last night- I painted 2 cabinet doors to hang on the wall in my dining room, and when he came home last night, I asked if he liked them, thinking he'd LOVE them, and he said not really. He doesn't think they 'go' with the rest of the room, which is kinda retro-mod. I almost cried, but didn't. I just 'forgot' that he said anything. ;)

bethchien said...

lol. yes, they are soo cute! and guys just don't get it. haha
great scores for sure!

Bekka said...

It only means his grandmother had excellent taste. :) Cute finds!

Jennifer Evans said...

I just love it! I was at Goodwill today too! The cashier was like, "What a cute jacket!" I was thinking
that's right! Name-brand deals - sweetness! Plus I also got a new vintage top and I was in heaaaaaven!

Kylie Tyrrell said...

so, so, so beautiful. well done.

Toni said...

I used to have one of those tiny shoes on a necklace ,, have no idea what ever happened to it. I loved looking at those little items when I would visit Solvang. They are just totally adorable! And the way you captured them in the picture makes them even CUTER!!!