Monday, June 21, 2010

sharing some skillz

pink ninja style :)

i love paper.
mixed in with pink ninjas?

awesome :)

The rules for some giveaway lovin' are here

Some pretty cool stuff up for grabs plus i love free stuff. yum indeed.

I made 2 embellished paper clips from the pretty fabric in the kit. I simply love making the cute fabric flowers. Love !

I kept everything pretty easy and simple here:

{ rest. }


this picture always makes me sleepy tired* sigh. nap time anyone? *smiles*


{ inspired }

I wanted to make an inspiration board. except I don't have a place "permanent" enough for it yet. So I simply decided to make a picture one. I gathered a nice simple ledger paper, ( in the kit ) had already printed out some cute mini polaroid sized pictures ( these will soon be thank you cards for my belladrummer etsy customers, cute huh?) i love bakers twine so I used that as my "wire" ( that mini spool makes me ga ga for it every time ). Some washi tape love, and a splattered paper doily for some fun. It was so much easier to create this page than i thought. Since nothing is "permanent" or adhered down in any way it was so relaxing to move things on and off the page. Editing has never been more fun :) Of course the embellished paper clip is holding bits of pretty ribbon love.

*Snap a picture*
I made this into a postcard size and will print it out to write on the back quick thank you's to lovely friends, family and etsy customers :) This can easily be snuck into any inspiration board and last long after you change it up over and over. Here's to staying inspired and aware of all the pretty little things around us.

lovely thoughts to you,


Toni said...

The paper clip flower is so cute and I love the ink splatters! You say it's simple and easy ... I say it looks pretty darn cool!

Angela said...

Awesome projects! Love the idea of the thank you cards! :)

D said...

Sure looks inspirational to me! The elements on it really pop on the cream paper. It's beautiful :)

bethchien said...

I love your "inspo board"!!!

Angela Fehr said...

I'm inspired to go shopping! I don't have cute baking twine, or washi tape, or doilies!

Love, Carrie said...

these projects turned out perfect!...and the paper clips are adorable : )

Ninja Carrie

MY Creative Brightside said...

love it your pictures are awesome!~

Sarah Mullanix said...

these are just GORGEOUS!! :)

merryheart2 said...

Hi Deebee. what a lovely postcard. i love it. just like all your art, this too is a such a great idea. and yes, very inspiring.