Friday, June 25, 2010

warm and cozy

these past few days I've been getting some yarn love in with this pretty little blanket.

A clean work space makes me super happy :) All while watching the telly... productivity is awesome.

clean & pretty work space

okay. so it doesn't always look this clean *blushes* but it did when I first started, then you know, life happens.
Especially since Mr.handsome and i eat at our coffee table regularly, i always have to push balls of yarn aside etc. hey, he married a grandma. lucky guy. :P

crochet circle love

A new ergonomic hook makes whipping up a pretty blanket so much easier. I kept asking myself why I hadn't purchased one of these long ago? Maybe it was the price tag. But it was sure worth it. My arms are extremely delighted. :)

summer day love vase

A little bit of sunshine coming through the windows... i know I'm perfectly crazy for crocheting in the hot summer like days here in san diego. but hey, i think it was worth it :)

have a look:

my dear luna

I am so very happy with this little blanket. It turned out to be a cute 40 x 40 inches big. I am pretty happy thinking it might be the perfect gift for my little girl someday. I have this thing now to start making my little one cute things out of yarn. It's pretty much an obsession. This was the first thing I dreamed up and I am so very happy to say that it turned out just the way i dreamed it. Bright and happy. Now my only fear is that in say 70 years after i'm long gone or something :) my kids will give this away to goodwill or amvets. I'm okay with giving other blankets away that I too have purchased at a thrift store for $2. But not this one. Oh goodness! AH! can you imagine?! Spending what seems endless hours lovingly making something only to be found at a store for way less than it's worth?! I have forewarned mr.handsome and our nonexistent children. now mr.handsome of course pointed out something i completely never thought about.

if our kids end up anything like mr.handsome, he is always hot. I mean yeah, he's hot and fine in a handsome sexy kinda way but hot like he NEVER needs a sweater or blanket. oh. that would be devastating.

on the other hand, if our children are anything like me and need a blanket not just for keeping warm but love the safe feeling of a soft blanket, then we're good. Here's hoping right?

Here's hoping they are sentimental like me. Here's hoping they think about me making the blanket for them. Thinking about what they would be like. Hoping they love it as much as i do.

I think i should better write it down in a will or something. :)
just in case. ha!

crochet obsessed lover,


Kellee the Caffeinated said...

it turned out great!!!!!

The Moldy Cannoli said...

Your blanket is absolutely darling, it make me want to learn how to crochet!

Ana Degenaar said...

Wow, you are a serious inspiration! Love this!

Ashleigh said...

Aww, your blanket turned out so well. You and Mr. H are like me and my mr. but in reverse. I'm always hot and he sleeps with a thick comforter even when the temps are high.

Bekka said...

Haha! I'm the girl that always turns up the AC just so I can curl up under a blanket! :) Your blanket is gorgeous, btw!

Unknown said...

I absolutely love it!
I'm sitting here looking at a big basket of random yarn and thinking I'm the only person crocheting in June...glad I'm not! ;)

dani said...

That blanket is just darling! I love the colors and the different designs/stitches, just love it!

Sasha Farina said...

you have magical hands, girl :)

Jennifer Evans said...

Wow... that just turned out beautiful! I think I love the color combo... my grandmother always made things with the ugliest colors together... (ha!) but I love them cause she made them with such love.

Denise said...

what a beautiful blanket Debee!
Hopefully your someday children will treasure all the special things you've made....however, as a mom/stepmom/grandmom, I have learned to let go of that expectation :)

Big Yellow Dog said...

That blanket is are the flowers! Your blog is gorgeous and inspiring!

JgWM said...

Your blanket is beautiful. I LoVe the color combination you used.

I can relate. My daughter came over yesterday to show us her new car.

I had to take a large rectangular laundry basket and set all of my projects in process in the basket. There was no longer a visible eating surface on my table. My husband is used to it.

Color is wonderful. Love your work.

Anonymous said...

there's my baseball!... i've been looking all over for it! ... love ya ;)

Erin said...

LOVE your blanket. So so fun. I keep meaning to teach myself how to make those cute little crochet circles. I'm too busy knitting lacey t-shirts instead. Hmmm. Someday.

etincellestudio said...

Absolutely gorgeous! would you make and sell any of these blankets?
I don't know how to crochet but I am such a big lover of crochet things :)

Živilė said...

Your blanket is gorgeous! It will never be given away!
And your style of writing just makes me laugh and smile and brings a good feeling in my heart :)