Monday, August 23, 2010

A cup of peace for you me Dear :)

i want a cup of peace

Good morning xo
I am having a pretty happy day already with this cute little deer. And a sweet spot of peace tea :) Perfect. Perfect indeed. That's just what we need this morning right? xo

pretty breakfast

I snuck in some yogurt in my fancy tea cup. Mr. Handsome is always pointing out that I almost always end up scrapbooking his cups and plates. But in the end I'm pretty sure he also enjoys a pretty breakfast too. I always end up warning him that if he stays put long enough, eventually he too will be sewn onto something or end up in a tea cup :)

So this is what my morning looked like. Color. Sweet honey. Vintage fabric. love. xoxo

enjoy your cup of peace today :)



Love, Carrie said...

everything is so lovely....i had a hard time picking! thank you for making such beautiful things!!! and your little fawn is adorable!

<3 Carrie

Melissa Mann said...

oh my gosh. those tags are the best ever! beautiful, my deer ;-)

Cherie said...

Just placed my order :)

Elisa said...

your dear and your breakfast are just LOVELY like you my dear :)

blue china studio happy said...

Such a cute little tea cup with the deer. I could use a cup of peace right now.

Great stuff in your shop!

Bekka said...

You might be the only person I know who can make me swoon over yogurt. :)

Unknown said...

Love the tags!

Cait said...

Oh, I have the same beautiful pink tea cup as your saucer is! I love it, and it was a gift from my grandma last year, she has had it forever.
Today my wonderful family and family-to-be had an amazing bridal shower for me. I'm a little overwhelmed and very blessed but my mind is full, so I'm enjoying this late night of winding down and a little more peace.


Emma said...

Liked your article in 'Artful Blogging'...Love Art too. Makes life better if you're down, makes me happier when I'm happy! Glad I found your blog! Go, girl! x

Travel With Lulu said...

Thank you for your lovely blog - I have enjoyed following it for months. In an effort to grow, I would be honored if you consider following my blog ; )