Wednesday, August 25, 2010

daisy love

definitely loving being back on a creative team :)
Playing with paper & scissors... it can't get any more simpler than that.

yesterday my family and I went out to celebrate our father's birthday and i whipped up this fun little ditty to hold his birthday check :)

birthday envelope

silly but he actually keeps the cards so I made it as cheesy as possible :)
I used to draw my dogs and sign their names in every card I gave him.
Sign my name debster hahahaaaa! srsly.
I used to say goody gerbers! for everything. even sign it in cards. man.
i am so much like my dad. cheeeeeesy >)

a page all about our happy wall of frames.

Kind of crazy how many frames we were able to fill up. I feel like I need to change the pictures out already... we look so different.... putting that on the famous to do list. ( I used the journaling cards available in my shop :) cute!

And one made specially for my love of crochet.

xo crochet

I feel another blanket adventure coming on. Except the heat is killing me. I made that little flower in the bottom right corner. It was one of the first things i learned to make about a year ago. Sitting next to 8 year olds learning to crochet as well. good times :)

And the page that made me cry after sewing my last picture down. Oh dear.
this last sunday I managed to sneak behind the drum set and play a few songs at church. I have had this feeling like my drumming days are slowing fading away. And it makes me sad. First because of the tendonitis and then because I just didn't have time. I cannot believe it's been 13 years since I first picked up sticks and taught myself to play. I was so bad neighbors would close their windows and come over to tell me how bad I was. :)

I figured it was just not in me. but i can't tell you how much it has helped me overcome- I'm much braver. Stronger. disciplined. fearless. happier when i play. 13 years. it went by so fast. i want to play forever. I want to teach my children. I want to teach my grandchildren. i want to be grey and old and be a rockin' old grandmama. And live happily ever after xoxo
13 years

{ journaling reads }
thirteen years ago i never thought i
would get it right. no rhythm. no teacher.
nothing sounded right, just loud noise,
bang bang clickity bang bang boom...
if it hadn't been for my sisters i don't
think i would've kept at it. I just wanted
to give up. take it back. never try again.
now there are tears just thinking about letting it go
the noise has become a reassuring pounding. the loud
kick snare crash makes me love music even more.
it flows. it moves and refreshes my little heart xoxo
13 years later and i think this is the end
my days of teaching my loves how to rock the drums
are slowly fading. can a drummer be a
DRUMMER without her drums???
i want to remember what it is to play with
MY WHOLE HEART. to play for an audience of
ONE. to have this purpose.
these are my most beloved memories of you
telling me to play on.

I'm beyond thankful for this time and talent... it's taught me well. I can do anything.
anything at all



bethchien said...

boo that you feel you need to give it up. i dont' have tendonitis, so i can't even imagine the pain there.
but, boo..that stinks when our bodies won't keep up with our heart and soul. you know?
i say keep at long as you can. keep on popping the horse-pill sized ibuprofen and keep at it! lol
loving the layouts. ..especially that last one. very gorgeous.

Unknown said...

I love these layouts! happy bday to ur dad :)

this post reminded me of the florence and the machine song - drumming

Christen E. Krumm said...

oh my gosh! i love your pages! i want to copy them so that i can have awesomeness in my books too!! haha.


Keshet said...

Love your projects so much!

Denise said...

the last one made me cry reading the journaling. you can do anything-we all can.

your work is beautiful.

Nan said...

Love this...your stories always make me smile and fell something. I taught myself to play the bass when girls were not supposed to play bass guitar. I miss my bass :) Nan

Melissa | Madabella: made beautiful said...

So sweet. Always LOVE, like DROOL, over your art.

I wanted to share a quick story with you. A year ago, I hosted a project with the drummers of the documentary. Kick, Snare, Hat from DW Workshop. They are drummers for any big hip hop name you can think of...but what is awesome is that they all drum their hearts out for God. It was so neat to hear their stories and their passion for what they do because they do it wholeheartedly for Him! I can recall our interview going WAY over, being SO frustrated and yet, one more person in the audience had a question..."How do you have a faith in the celebrity drum world?"...They all went on to share where their true passion lies and God spoke volumes that day. So whether you do art or drumming, it can be used for HIs glory!