Friday, August 20, 2010

happy & sweet

my mister

making life a little bit happier here in my little corner of the world with a nice picnic with mister handsome.

my super cool bike :)

And an easy breezy bike ride around coronado with my super cool bike. I kept daydreaming about a nice date with mister handsome. I bought a pretty pink plaid vintage blanket (seen inside my basket) and immediately knew it was perfect for a delicious picnic with food ( fetta pizza and a gyro) from our favorite pizza place. Oh man. I almost lost the pizza :) We were riding our bikes to this cute little picnic area between houses and with each bump the pizza box would jump right out of the basket! lol! I don't know how I held myself together because between watching the pizza almost fall out of my basket and screaming each time it did I couldn't stop myself from laughing my heebie jeebies off ;) Mister handsome kept asking if the pizza was okay. srsly. I about got run over hahaaa! that mean mister. So the punishment was him taking pictures of me on my little bike. :)

Onto some happy news shall we?
#1 I will now be sharing some fun artistic adventures with this lovely group of daisies :)

#2 so happy to be a part of this inspiring class put together by the amazing Elle over at Elle's Studio ( love that its free :) And she featured one of my all time favorite artists: Dina Wakely SWOON! love her fearless art. And she's just as inspiring in person xo

And lately I've been trying to keep my little heart thinking happy thoughts with some prettiness around me. I thought I would share my pretty cup a friend recently gifted me. I selfishly have only purchased the same cup but with the letter D on it. And I've had it in the back of my mind to go back to Anthro and purchase the letter R. I was so giddy with excitement when I received this little lovely. I think it makes the carnations look good :)

and even this pretty new garland I made to keep up the good mood {Happy & Sweet}

happy & sweet garland

I wandered into my local scrapbook store and found these really cute pockets with a tag inside each of them. I had been wanting a solution to keeping garlands "tucked safely" somewhere and this just seems to fit so nicely. A little doily love and voila!

happy & sweet  paper garland pocket

I only made 3 of these garlands. I added some crochet love :) yep. I'll sew anything into a garland baby. I will be updating my belladrummer etsy shop this monday afternoon. As always there will be the fun $1 dollar item ( plus shipping), the {Inspire Lovely} class will be available for purchase via PDF ( It's like a book srsly! So much good stuff in it :) I almost want to print it out like a magazine) and some digital elements, handmade tags, and crochet flowers.

happy & sweet  paper garland

It's looking like a lovely friday over here. :)


gina g said...

a lovely friday indeed, happy and bright! Cute idea with your garland!

nancy said...

Love the garland wrapped around the tag... so inspiring!

blue china studio happy said...

Oh very fun Friday happenings! Love your happy garland.

Have a great weekend.

Bekka said...

LOVE your bike! :)

Cara-Mia said...

So many pretty things going on in this post! Love your garlands so much. Also, love going to Coronado. Wish I didn't live 2 hours away from it. :(

Denise said...

Debee-I have the SAME exact bike-except my basket is white. isn't it the best thing ever? love your new garlands!

Amber Zimmerman said...

Those are drool worthy garlands and I love your bike!

Keshet said...

So much gorgeousness in one place! Love love love!

Abby said...

You two are so cute :)

That garland is beautiful, love the crochet addition!

wanda said...

Debee, when are you going to have more little clips (clothespins) for sale? My friend bought some and they were ADORABLE. By the time I got to your site, they were gone! Will you be doing more???

Vee said...

always love your garland, congrats on CD!!! I can't wait to see your work there! xo