Tuesday, August 31, 2010

what is to be is up to me

what is to be is up to me

rolling around in a thrift store yesterday and i found this little jewel.
oh my. i mean i really love it. and for twenty-five cents i gave it a little hug :) It came in a frame with some really old plastic flowers. it looked like it needed some air. So i got home, and fancied her up a bit with some Nena ( my sewing machine ) + paper love and joy... pure happy love joy beamed from my little heart to this little beauty.

Yes indeed. What is to be is up to me. Thank you for your kind and very wise reminders to keep on and keep the cheer. I do believe everything happens for a reason :)
I my dear friends am choosing JOY.
I'm choosing LOVE.
I choose up in the sky high dreams
and these little yet meaningful words are printed on wee paper bits + crochet + paper love all sewn into this pretty little banner.

** Love*

I made three little pretties and am going to be putting them up in the shop
I also made some pretty cute journal cards and little paper kits as a way of rehiring myself :) Not that I intend to make a full time living off of my etsy shop, I just figured I got paid to be creative so why not do it for fun? I also love the hours :)

I am celebrating. September is my birthday month and heeeeecccccckkkkk no i'm not going to ruin it by complaining about my current situation. I have a fun yet temporary job designing beautiful cards at the moment and I'm beyond delighted. I keep shouting "I'm a card maker! I make pretty things!" just to shoo off any boo hoo moments. I can't believe i get to design cards. cards!!! hello!!!???? Never ever in a million years! hahaaaaa! yay me :)

joy in today:
-free snuggles with mister. I think these are my favorite happy moments.
-receiving my free birthday starbucks card :) it's totally up there on the list but I knew mister handsome would be mad if I put starbucks first lol!
- i'm a cardmaker!!!! it tickles just thinking it
- signed up for some free birthday stuff --->
**coldstone birthday club for free ice cream , you know it :)
** red robin eclub for a free gourmet burger , that teriyaki burger is amazing!
** friends of krispy kreme for some delish donut lovin', debee plus donuts = caloric happiness

totally frugal but i am a starving artist so it's good to know I will gain 50+ pounds on my birthday. I'm such a cheap date :)

I need to remember that joy is a choice. I know there are worse things in life and I'm not taking this for granted. I also want to dream bigger. Beyond any limits, expectations and reason. It's been a few years since I've felt free to do just that. September is my birthday month and I'm gonna party dangit. All month long :)




Happy Birthday! Happy September!


Anonymous said...

You go! You DO make pretty things:)

curlyqmosaics said...

This banner is so beautiful and I LOVE the saying! What a great thrift find, with such inspiration! I think I am gonna have to get my hands on one of those banners soon! I think my niece would love one too! : )

Colleen said...

I love your attitude. Joy is really a choice and I need to choose it more. Thanks for the reminder. And happy birthday month. I'm and Aug b-day too! :)

Danielle said...

I love month-long birthday celebrations! Great energy/enthusiasm/attitude. Just what I needed to read tonight, as a little reminder for myself.

Jessie said...

Happy September! It looks like we'll be staying together at the Moore Mansion for the Dottie Angel workshop later this month.. so maybe a bite or two of birthday cake will be in order!

alisa logue said...

Came across this this morning and your post just reminded me of it. Would like to share it with you. Read today's devotion. http://proverbs31devotions.blogspot.com/

jamie said...

i think that banner and quote AND cake plate is one of the prettiest styled photos i have seen. it is so very pretty. lovin' the banner fiercly.
and i have often wondered why you don't simply make your living off of your gorgeous etsy creations. really. an enviable vocation for sure.
oh...and happy almost birthday.

Keshet said...

There is always so much visual inspo on your blog!!

Nan said...

Happiest of birthdays dear Debee!I think free birthday food is a great idea and you got yummy stuff! Love the newest banner and want you to know that thanks to you I am seeing butterflies in all my art creations! I am using the beautiful little journal you sent as my portable inspiration book. :) Nan

Anonymous said...

muy belo !

HalfRaven said...

Happy Birthday month! Love your spirit and your blog!

tenaya said...

I love sentiment of this saying - it was such a good reminder to me this morning! Thank you!

Have a wonderful birthday month!