Wednesday, September 1, 2010

birthday wishes

birthday wishes
photo credit by mr.handsome

{ 10 birthday facts }

I LOVE birthdays

I celebrate allllllll month long. Not just one day.

i don't give a rip if I'm getting "older" anymore. Is this cause for concern as I have not even hit the over the hill mark? I don't think so :)

I know exactly what I want for my birthday and I'm not telling
( nah, it's not a job :)

I believe birthdays mark a time of reflection and newness for me so I like to make a special goal for each one. Last year when I hit the big -30- I secretly wished to be the best loving wife & friend to mister handsome. I still give him eskimo kisses & cook him peanut butter & jelly sandwiches :)

birthday cakes are non-caloric.

i don't like the sugary frosting, it's too gross. I prefer the soft fluffy light frosting :)

not really the roses type. i like dahlias, peonies and sunflowers.

balloons scare me.

i will have 31 candles on my cake and dang. it's gonna get hot. ( ironically i never eat the frosting on cakes that have had birthday candles blown out on them. Something about the germs flying all over the cake just makes me icky. i know. gross right? :P

I'd love to hear some birthday facts about you :)

birthday countdown: 15 days


Melissa Mann said...

Happy Birthday, pretty lady! Lovely photo :-)

Michelle said...

I usually celebrate my birthday for the week of.....probably would be for the whole month, however my bday is on the 6th....

Birthday fact....Just gotta have the first peice of cake when it is cut
It makes me a little crazy that my son wants to help blow out the candles. I know it is fun for him....but come on! It's my party...I wanna make the wish darn it!!!!! LOL (it may be a pet peeve, but he always gets to help)

Kellie said...

Happy Birthday! I love birthdays too and I also celebrate for a whole month. Although this year was my 30th so I celebrated for 1 1/2 months :)

Emily said...

I too dislike roses and am scared of balloons! Happy birthmonth!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! My daughter will be 30 tomorrow and my brithday is next week. September is a good month.

My husband doesn't like anyone "Blowing" on cake either, but he's gotten better about it since we've had grandchildren.

Kathy R

me, rachel said...

Hooray! I always find excuses for things to be without calories...and I would argue that all yummy foods are non-caloric on your birthday!

Karen said...

i'm a tulip girl :) my birthday is a few days before yours. but my cake will be hotter since i turn 36. :)

melissa deakin said...

happy, happy birthday!
love this is gorgeous.
today is my son's 8th birthday, so we are celebrating too!
enjoy your day!

Ana Degenaar said...

This is so sweet! Happy almost-birthday!

Emily said...

I think we may have the same birthday! I, too, celebrate all month long- why not? Virgos ROCK! Happy Birthday (month) to you:)

naomi chokr said...

i love love love your picture!!! Bday fact about me... well last weekend.... i threw myself a holy sh*t im almost 30 party. I also got a tattoo with my husband! yey!

Sara said...

Thanks for this one. I needed to embrace my own birthday!

Jill said...

Happy merry woo hoo birthday! :)

Colleen said...

Happy Birthday!!

Marie Kristl Flid said...

How great! Debee, wish you a very happy birthday month :)))

Some facts about me:
- I do selebrate a week or two - just because people come to greet me :)
- I'm used to make a special birthday cake - the same my grandma used to make for me
- every year I'm afraid my birthday won't be great.. well it was great every time I remember
- I allways want my birthday to come asap :) even now when it was 2 months ago
- I've got a 2nd birthday holiday - my name's day, exactly 5 months after my birthday :)) I celebrate it with cakes and presents too)) very nice!

wanda said...

Debee! Happy Happy Birthday!

Birthday Fact about me:

- I like to plan my own parties. They come out better that way.
- I like to make goodie bags for my guests, but when I was little, they used to make me cry.
- I like balloons and bubbles, but sometimes I get them confused and call them the wrong names!
- I hate clowns and never want one at my party!

Hope your special day (week, month) has everything you like rolled into one!

clu60 said...

I love that photo. I, too am a Virgo. The 17th. And Emily is right- Virgo's ROCK!

My birthday facts-

I don't really like having a birthday party. Too much attention focused on me. Although the presents are nice.

I start telling my age for that year in January...even though it doesn't hit until September.

I love that I was born in a year ending in "0". And that my mom is 20 years older than me.

I will be getting a sunburn from my cake candles this year- the big 5-0!

Happy birthday month Debee!

Denise said...

Oh I love this post so much Debee!!
um birthdays MUST be celebrated for a whole month! My bestie Dee, who I always send lovelies to from your shop, is born ten days after me in the lovely month of may. we celebrate so much together our husband are quite sick of it by the end of May! Peonies or lilacs are my favorite birthday bouguet and balloons kind of scare me to although the bunch your carrying look pretty and harmless. have a blast birthday girl!

Anonymous said...

I hate the frosting too...But if it looks good I end up eating it any way! {smiles}.I celebrste for the entire month,everyone knows that April is my month!! Oh yeahh!!
and I love birthdays....even others!
Happy birthday celebrate in style and have loads of fun!!!

Ronda Palazzari said...

love that you celebrate a whole month.

i turn 40 in February.
i am ready to own 40.
i love yellow cake & chocolate icing, especially if it has custard in between the layers.

Happy Happy Birthday...all month long.

Sandra said...

happy birthmonth to you, Deebee.
i love birthdays too. my own and others too. i love birthday cake and i don't like those number candles. yuck! although i don't know that we will be putting 49 candles on my cake this year. that could be a fire hazard. LOL
at this age, i don't mind that i'm getting older. i'm glad that i am. i hope you and mr. handsome have a super fun time celebrating your birthday month. (and i hope you get what you're wishing for)
love ya