Thursday, September 16, 2010

celebrating 31

celebrating 31

bring it.
party people.
i love you :)

goodbye 30

as the tradition goes... my snapshot on my last day as a happy 30 year old :)
still in my pj's
bed hair
in mr. handsome's man cave ( such lovely light in there :)
fluttering about cleaning up the house for party people
thinking about going to starbucks...okay. wishing.but whatevs
missing family too far away to visit
wondering what 31 is going to bring?
new job? new little baby? new hobby? more exercising? more traveling? more celebrating? more decorating? crossing my fingers more cake and ice cream... for sure.

delish birthday cake

Here's my birthday cake... I kind of let the top of the cake box press down on the frosting and it ended up all over the box. But I knew it would taste amazing anyway. Mr. Handsome and I tried a new bakery for my cake this year. Very home made looking but absolutely delicious. Soft fluffy sweet frosting... vanilla cake with a fresh layer of strawberries in the middle... oh yeah. There were leftovers :) I saved you a piece! xo

I even blew out my candles... even though I'm such a weirdo and really don't like to eat cake others have blown out their candles on. Mr. Handsome bought the little firework kind... and they were so hard to blow out! I was cheered on by family and made a wish and blew out my little candles. and they all have my coodies now :) hahaa! gotcha.

vintage tea plates + cake = bliss

I had been buying little random tea plates especially for this celebration. I knew I wanted to have my birthday cake served onto these dainty little plates. swoon :) Also, Mr.Handsome bought me pretty dahlia's and sunflowers for my birthday... I love that man. xoxo

birthday lanterns & garlands

And I used his awesome height to my advantage as he came in handy to help put up all the garlands and lanterns in our kitchen :) This pretty little garland ( now in my shop ) instantly added loveliness to our little set up. It's still up today. I think I will leave it up until the end of September :) So if you come over to my kitchen you will enjoy breakfast & dinner here in all it's garland glory xoxo

I wish you could come over and celebrate with me. Thank you for sharing some birthday cheer & stories! Happy happy sweet birthday to any and all who are celebrating a lovely birthday this month! May your heart burst with happiness & joy and your cup run over with peace & love.


Brooke Ann Dove said...

Happy Birthday! I hope 31 brings lots of joy and little tears!

Diane B. said...

happy birthday! no fair you can look that purdy in the morning! love those mixed tea plates. fun and cute!

jackiebean said...

happiest of birthdays to you! i hope this year is the best one yet. i think jimmy fallon said that 31 is the most beautiful year for us gals. :)

Unknown said...

I hope you had a sweet day, you sweet lady! Gorgeous photos!!

Lara said...

Happy birthday Debee! I hope your 31 brings you everything you wish for. Your blog always looks so pretty - I love it!

Valentina Fussell said...

Happy belated birthday! I am coming right up behind you! 31 doesn't look too scary! LOL!

Elisa said...

happy birthday my dear!!! hope you had a great day :)
love decoration and the cake looks so yummy ummmmmm
mua mua

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! You are so beautiful!

indiana said...

Happy wonderful birthday Debee !!

Jenny said...

Happy Birthday!! Hope the year ahead brings you all you've been wishing for!!

Jody said...

You are so pretty. I wish my bed hair looked that nice. =) And then after you I don't know which comes next in the line of prettiness- the garland, the tea plates, or that cake?! Looks like 31 is off to a blissful start. I hope it stays that way all year for you! Happy 31!

Marie Kristl Flid said...

Happy happy birthday dear Debee!! You look so sweet in your pj :))

I wasn't able to read your blog while on the work trip - but now i wish you every little and big thing you can wish for yourself! :)

polo said...

So perfect design,so attractive cake,so beautiful women.Your article so cool.

sandra said...

that is a super tradition...snapping a picture of yourself on the day before your next birthday. brilliant idea!
p.s. - you are as lovely as ever!!