Friday, October 29, 2010

r loves yellow

R loves yellow

hello hello :)
i'm seeing yellow in pretty much all that i create and i love it.
so happy that this month's cocoa daisy kit came with pretty yellow papers to play with :)

what to do what to do...
ah yes! add some yellow flavor to the R wall :)

(On the left hand side of the wall)

dainty doily

I have a few mini crochet doilies around the studio and LOVE how dainty and sweet they look so I simply added one on top of some pretty yellow pattern paper and placed them both inside a small shadow box frame. easy peasy :) price= free . love free.

gold metal butterflies swarming around the wall frames.
price = $2 for a bag of 5 butterflies. also a thrifted find

mini yellow moth/butterfly framed inside a wooden vintage frame.
price= $.25 i am kicking myself because there were 2 of these and i only bought one. what was i thinking right? love the frame :)

cross stitch floral art.
a recent find in my happy thrifting adventures.
price= thrifted for only $1. i almost died. it's SO pretty. i love the pretty purple mixed with the yellow. lucky me :)

(lower left hand corner)
blessed little dear

I cannot tell you how much i love gold shimmer right now. even though it looks like handsome and i are being invaded by a swarm of bees ( paper & doily from this month's cocoa daisy kit)... i love them in all there shimmery glory. :) I made the pom pom flower for a mini kit i am putting together with lots of vintage notions. it's incredibly soft and fluffy. i hug it sometimes :) and that sweet little fawn had to go inside the shadow box just because it really wanted some photo love. he was a recent purchase at a paper boutique for $2. money well spent i say. smiles*

Next to the fawn shadow box is a mini frame ( under the R ) and that has a Leonardo Da Vinci ink sketch I did way back in art school. Mine, doesn't do it justice. but hey, practice makes perfect :)

The next framed butterfly in a white shadow box is from this gorgeous shop on ETSY. LOVE!
Price= about $20 but includes shipping which i love. and they were pretty awesome too :)

I filled some thrifted mini gold frames with some new updated photos from seattle. I especially love the frame where I'm kissing mr.handsome ( above the R on the right). It's nice to see different pictures. it seems like we've changed so much since our last photo wall. funny how that happens so fast. price for two gold frames= $1.50 thrifted find.

I also ended up framing a yellow paint color swatch from home depot. I kind of think it reminds me of one of my favorite painters... Rothko. Mr. handsome thinks i'm crazy. but i love it. it's simple yet bright. just what this wall needs. and it's free. all paint swatches are free at home depot :) and mr.handsome loves free.

Right next to the big red R is a cute mini white shadow box from IKEA.

i love sand art

During the summer I had this special card making project going on with a fun card company in the UK ( more on that soon!). I was looking for a picture to suite the theme "engagement". All the while nothing really came to mind except after mr.handsome and i were at the beach ridding our cruisers around and i thought of drawing a heart on the sand. And placing our hands together :) I know this has been done before but not with mr.handsome's hand and mine :) So we used this for the engagement card. and i almost forgot i had the picture until i went looking for recent for photos of us.

This is what I came up with to place inside the box.

my little heart

The paper & pink leaves are from the kit and the flower I made with some cotton fabric around the studio. I love this picture so much i even used it once more in another project inside the bell jar underneath the frame wall.

a close up:


And here it is inside the glass.

love in a jar xo

I simply added the doily ( from the kit) to a vintage gallon ( i LOVE the yellow stripes! ) top ( from our trip to seattle) and placed a mini version of the photo inside the circle top. Next i placed the LOVE sticker to the side of the picture and a cute little leaf to finish it off. I love the little pinked piece of paper on top with the red bakers twine... i kind of expect a lovely cupcake to be inside the glass :) how i wish xoxo. the doily was too far at the bottom to see so i placed a few vintage spools of embroidery thread inside and voila! finished! Price= vintage spools $ 1 and vintage gallon top for $.25.

grand total= $28.00

i think i need a huge yellow R now :)
but for now, this pretty wall is what you would see if you were coming over for hot cocoa.
and cupcakes xoxo

i wish you lots of color and frame love


Ashleigh said...

Awesome! Loving your addiction to wonderful yellow.

Elisa said...

love your photo wall, great frames, love the one with Bambi ;)
mua mua
p.s. don´t remember the meaning of the R

Hi I'm Debee :) said...

thank you sweet ashleigh! :)

and sweet elisa, the r is for my new last name, Ruiz :)
i just haven't really changed it lol! i need to get on that :)
sending love!

Valerie said...

You make putting the photo wall together look so easy!
I am a long time follower of your blog, but this is the first time I've commented. I just love the special, shiny little world you create! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

cuuuute! loving the pops of yellow happiness!x

the80sme said...

Simply gorgeous! ♥

Valerie said...

Some quick questions for you... :)

How did you manage to make those two frames float in front of the others?


Did you re-frame the butterfly or paint the frame white? Bec. I noticed that Etsy store doesn't frame their butterflies in white frames.

& finally...

How large is your R letter?

...Can you tell I'm trying to "copy" you a little? :) I hope you don't mind! :D

Keshet said...

So much gorgeousness!

Bekka said...

This is all soooo pretty! Thanks for the inspiration!