Wednesday, January 26, 2011

this girl loves a pretty mess

desk whimsy

- i've been playing with shimmery sequins and i love them. i found a few packs while thrifting the other day and honestly, how dainty and sweet right? I had to share a photo of my messy desk with you. it's pretty much a happy moment while stressing over some deadlines. but so worth it.
- i  have a few resolutions this year. one resolution is to learn to like running. my first reaction to running is... i need a pack of rabid animals chasing me at full speed to make me run... and even still. i would totally think about it. run or be bit? hmmm...
well ladies, i have run over 63 miles ( i run almost everyday ) this month alone. can i get a go girl?! heck to the yes. i feel like i'm friends with my pack of rabid animals. i'm not trying to lose weight. my motto is: "i don't want my jiggle to wiggle". yeah, you heard that here first :)  i don't want to be wiggly anymore. time to make the arm flab go away.  for now, when i feel like not running, i chant jiggle don't wiggle.jiggle don't wiggle hahaa! it's so wrong but it works. :P

- i've pretty much stopped believing in the rest of my new year's resolutions. it's not even february. i might need some inspiration here. but there you go. i guess i'm a one resolution kind of girl. :)

one thing i was sharing with mr.handsome is sharing some inspire lovely items with you all! He of course agreed it would be wonderful. everyone loves pretty stuff :)

embellish love

yellow + green study

daisy doilies

new kraft doily stickers

vintage felt... soooo soft xo

i love cream xo

natural twine xo

shimmery glitter xo

i love glitter tissue :)

kraft tags... i so heart you

shimmery sequins

i love the little doily looking container xo

felt love

glitter ribbon xo

love the grey

journaling is so fancy :)

ribbon love

rad doilies

i heart seam binding xo

everything you need to embellish

red study

red puffy heart ribbon - perfect xo

i heart fluffy flowers

pink looks pretty

it started with this...reminds me of cabochon flowers

so this friday i have another Inspire Lovely shop update PLUS a few giveaways :)  I'm thinking 5 yay!
The shop will be updated 12 noon ( pacific time :) and the giveaways will be posted in a fresh lovely new post then. I promise it's gonna be fun :) for now, I started a facebook page for Inspire Lovely and would love to see you there. It's also a hint for this friday's giveaway ;)

oh goody :)

i hope you are lovely


Bekka said...

So pretty! Can't wait for the update!

And go girl! I can't wait to start running again.

Melissa at said...

Absolutely beautiful! Just stumbled on your blog. So glad I did - it's lovely.

Živilė said...

Everything looks so nice and pretty... Will wait for the update :) And btw, I joined your facebook game ;))) WONDERFUL idea!

Mari said...

gosh is all I can say, D!!Your stuff is amazing!!! The handmade felflowers -------swoooooon!
I wish I could by one of everything!
And the wrapping is so pretty, and your pictures!!!

I am amazed!

If you are going to CHA, have fun! And say hello to the girls from me, k?


rkokes said...

oh wow! those felt flowers are fantastic!!! off to check out your facebook page!

Sheri Twing said...

Oh Debee you leave me drooling again! I'll be at your shop bright and early to shop again! I love everything I received in my last order!

wandalicious said...

Debee, everything I ordered from you so far is so pretty I can't use it! So I will have to order more to HOARD or else two of everything - one to save and one to use! tee hee. You are adorable!

Cathy Pascual said...

gorgeous stuff! but I think I love that grey felt bloom the bestest :)
congrats on the shop!

Diane B. said...

definitely all lovely!

Keshet said...

These are all so stunning!

Sandra said...

hi Deebee
i got my goodies today! YaY! that was really fast. thank you Deebee. i always love how beautiful the package itself is. i can't wait to make some special things with it all.
i LOvE all the new pretties in the shop. all that yellow goodness is making me drool. i'll be shopping again soon i'm sure.
be safe and have fun at CHA if you are going this time. give H and A a big hug for me.