Friday, February 25, 2011

how lovely indeed

it seems we are all pretty much sisters :)

a little me time, a little family time, a bit of chocolate, a nice cup of coffee, enjoying words from our loved ones, a patch of sunshine, happy mail, reconnecting with friends, all so very lovely and dear.

I love you a bit more for sharing with me :)

Our first winner:

Our International winner:

Ladies, please e-mail me at with your address. You have one week from today to e-mail me and claim your prize. If I don't hear from you I will pick another lucky winner at random :)

i have to explain our international winner... because after i posted the giveaway to my blog i immediately called mr.handsome at work and asked him what lifts him up? I was totally serious and really expecting something deep and meaningful like an answer with me in it :) but he responded... An elevator.
oh geez. i rolled my eyes. okay mister. he laughs at his jokes that silly man. So anyway i said, if anyone answers "an elevator" they for sure win as his choice. Because sometimes a good sense of humor is the perfect thing to lift your spirits. :) So congrats Dee!

my favorite right now is cuddling with mister handsome. i know you are all probably sick of me crushing on him but my goodness he just really has the right personality, character and humor to balance me out.  even if his jokes aren't super funny, i love laughing with/at him. :P

come what may, we are better together.

even if he makes funny faces after i ask him not to.
even if he repeats cheesy Twilight movie lines that sound super's so bad!
even if he doesn't really laugh at my jokes ( which are SUPER funny because i like to make jokes about the mister ha! )
i still love him to pieces.
we ate at corvette diner recently and had some free tokens to play a few games. Ski ball and some basketball hoops were played. And with the remaining balance we took these photos in a makeshift photobooth.  he actually offered to pose. and then he made faces while i was trying to be all lovey dovey. oh well, the kids will at least know i'm the good looking one hahaaaa! just kidding.

he's my only one.
i've never kissed another man
my heart has never loved anyone but him.
he's right up there with cute puppies and ferrero rocher chocolate.
it's more like a 3 way tie and it's a close race. :)
i'm thankful for the blessing that he is and has been.
I love our time together and that my sweet friends is what lifts me up

thank you all for your kind words about the cards. I believe the cards are only available in UK stores. I know boutiques will carry them but i'm not sure if they will be available online for purchase. I might just have to make new ones to sell in my shop :) I'm sending you all a very big hug xo

happy friday!


angie backen said...

wait. he repeats cheesy twilight movie lines? oh honey... he's a keeper. ;)

also, i just read your post about the cards but i'm going to comment here because you already have 216543241 comments over there - CONGRATULATIONS! those cards are so beautiful and i'm so happy for you! will we be seeing them in stores across the country? oh please say yes. :)

Michelle Clement said...

Congrats, lucky winners!! And you are so so cute, miss Debee. :)

Denise said...

happy for the winners and Debee I love how you speak of your husband. It's wonderful!

wandalicious said...

Thanks for helping me believe that true love still exists! Also, where can we order your cards??? They should carry them at Paper Source, no?

Wonderland said...

Oh your photo is so cute!