Friday, February 4, 2011

live it up

so over the last few days mr.handsome and i have lived... the end. hahaa! i kid. it's much more interesting than that :)

so sprinkles cupcakes has finally hit san diego and mr.handsome and i packed ourselves into the car to treat ourselves. except that i didn't google the place. i just kind of rolled with it.

to my dismay ( and because i was the one driving) ... i was able to locate an anthropologie! ha! ahahahahahaaaaa ! bwahahaaaaa! mr.handsome gave me the stink face.asked for the iphone and sat himself on the bench.  cool. i think he's completed all the levels of angry birds.  way to go mister :P

we finally found the little itty bitty store that is sprinkles with a mother of a line wrapped around all the way to the back of the plaza. it was about an hour until closing and honestly... it looked like a line for a ride at disneyland. i was done. no thanks. i mean the cupcakes are good but not enough to wait in a line with 100 people in it. oh well. at least we made it to anthro i happily said to mr.handsome. stink face again. (gosh he's so good at that :)

next up... mr.handsome gets tickets to see conan!!!! coco! awesome. we welcome a 2 day trip to LA with some pretty fun times to be had. I know it's weird but i love hanging around mr.handsome.  we've been married for over 2 years dated for 4.5 years and he's still fun. go figure. :) We ate at our favorite place Mozza ( LOVE!!!), appeared on tv as part of conan's audience, waited for kogi's (world's bestest taco's ever) taco truck in the shadiest street corner at night. the best. shady and all. sat around in traffic forever. i sang to mr.handsome the entire way home. i made up notes i didn't even know existed. rock on :)

we came home and i forgot my studio is a mess. and i'm afraid to even look at it.
but i don't clean a thing. i'm afraid of the mess. i can't even look back. to scared and to busy procrastinating.

so I end up going to my sweet sister's 1st grade class and we work on valentine tags! yay valentines day :) at that age they get all excited. I really miss those days. what the heck right?  in fact i've always loved valentine's day even when I was single. I would buy myself a bunch of candies... my favorite combo meal AND some pretty smelling lotions from Victoria's secret. hello be good to yourselves. you're totally worth it. now, i still buy myself stuff and tell mr.handsome he bought it for me hahaa :)

so truth:  my desk is a HUGE mess. So is my hair. So is Nena. It's all kinds of crazy happening up in here. so just in case if anyone still thinks i'm normal.

eh. i'm not :)

so this super bowl weekend I'm gonna be cheering for the nachos and oreo dirt cups :)
I hope you have a wonderful and yummy weekend!



Unknown said...

mmmm anthropologie makes up for cupcakes. and stink faces!!!!
fun post :)

me, rachel said...

Ooo! I want to go to Anthropologie! I've never been...unfortunately it requires a road trip for this small-town girl!

I also loved V-Day even when I was single...all the single girls don't believe me, they say that because I'm married of course I like it! But what's not to like about lots of pink and hearts and chocolate? And I'm also trying to talk myself into buying something just for fun is that?

Cherie said...

I had no idea Sprinkles is here...super exciting! Probably in a few months thie line will go down :)

Love, Carrie said...

these posts are great....just the simple things....i love seeing how everyday life is special : )

<3 Carrie

Bekka said...

Anthropologie AND Conan?! Lucky, lucky girl! Much better than long lines for cupcakes. :) Have a lovely Super Bowl weekend!

Traveling Mama said...

Sounds like perfection. My hubby is still nice enough to walk around Anthro with me, but that is because we only get to see it every 3-4 years... and I think he's secretly collecting ideas for future photos. I guess I'm lucky in that way. We've been married for almost 12 years+ dating and the joy still hasn't worn off. Being with your best friend is kind of cool like that.

Anyways! Hope you have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are having a great time!

I totally agree with what Traveling Mama said - being with you best friend is kind of cool like that. My Hubs and I have been married over 5 years now and together for 8. We are still best friends and love spending time together. We can really be our dorky nutcase selves around each other and it really makes for a great relationship.

I'm totally jealous of the Conan show. I so want to see him live! Too cool!

Keshet said...

Fun, fun photos!

My Fashion Dolly said...

I liked your first picture. Very creative! ;) xoxo ♥

Rocio R.

Sandra said...

i love those big 3-D glasses on your little face!.haha
sounds like you had a great little vacation living it up.
i hope you're having a great week.

Unknown said...

so very pretty!! hello gorgeous! I Was brosing through your site today and was wondering when you will next be offering a class?

I would LOVE for you to do a Photo Styling Class.. your images are always fab. Im a bit of a eejit when it comes to that stuf! I have a full on degree in photography but styling doesnt come so easy to me!

Amy Seager said...

You are SO inspiring! and i LOVE your craft room - I wish I had a whole room instead of a cupboard!

Sounds like you had fun!
I'm your newest follower - please visit my blog sometime!

have a great day!