Wednesday, March 9, 2011

tea & sparkles for you xo

tea & sparkles

lately I've been in a bit of a rut.
I usually get a little gloomy around winter time so it's nothing out of the ordinary. But since I started working from home it seems like i need to make it a point to just play and not "work".  So today, I went through my thirfty finds and found a tea cup i recently purchased at my goodwill + doily + anthro file folder and added in a  bit of confetti stars + sprinkled with a cute glimmery sheen.... to finish this little bit of good mojo i added a vintage swallow i love.

i took one peek and yes. yes. indeed.
i will drink to this :)
and i even saved you a cup xoxo

I even have a cute little friend in the shop with me looking like a bit of spring.
spring! hurry pretty please! hehee

brid & spool

today i headed over for a sweet lunch with my sister. One of her students is super sweet and has been very nice to me since I started helping out in her class. This little girl is so adorable, she goes to tell my sister something and then comes to tell me... " you and your sister are so beautiful". awwwwww! srsly melting heart. Kids are so cute at that age. Just say what you feel... i think it's nice to tell people really nice things especially when said person feels like cr*p. :)

I need to pass that bit of goodness along.
So psssst....

i think you're beautiful *

sweet gifts for andrea

with that being said i wanted to make something for sweet andrea as a gift from both my sister and myself.
i packed a few extra goodies i had around the studio and had to take photo of it since i really wanted to just start adding photos to it :)

pretty gift bag

I hope she likes this little bag of goodness. It makes me happy with all these bright colors and patterns all mixed together. Totally a pick me up. Just what i needed.


Yesterday I also added a few extra ribbons that i discovered after cleaning a bit around the studio. I have the little basket filled to the brim on my desk. I know i shouldn't hoard stuff but all the eye candy really is tempting. I just need to make time to make something wonderful. I hope your days are filled with pretty spring colors. At least they live here via pictures right? :)

hurry hurry spring!
another round of tea and sprinkles for everyone!


weissbunt said...

Thanks Debee,
what a great post!!! I feel "springy" already, I'm so into colors myself right now. I feel we can make spring come more quickly by indulging in plenty of colors, don't you think...
Have wonderful, colorful day - maks ;-)

Merissa Revestir said...

These photos are such a delight to look at!
Love the colors and that cheery feel they give (^•^)

Irini said...

Debbie 'swoon'....your photographs are just gorgoeus...especially what I needed today as I woke up feeling very cold and drab not even my morning coffee has helped today! :(
Thanks you for the burst of colour!!

Bee Designs said...

Your blog is so beautiful and full of colour, it always makes me smile, even on the dullest days. :)

wandalicious said...

Debee, so beautiful! Yes, your photos, your blog, and you! What a treat. One of everything, please. And there are no calories (tee hee). Hope the sun is shining in SD, it is here in the OC!

Pearl said...

So Pretty!
Gosh I can just stare at all your work forever..

you inspire me!


Janna Werner said...

The pictures look so yummie! And I love the first one ... glitter!! :-) Janna

Tina said...

Hi! I came over to visit from BYW. Love your photos!

Denise said...

lovely post Debee!

Judith said...

beatiful pictures!

La said...

This is so beautiful. This is the best present anyone could get.
I love your blog!