Wednesday, April 6, 2011

every day beauty

{photo 12 }

beauty in the every day.

simple & sweet xoxo

i'm working on a few things. i have a big plan. a plan that includes another online class. and pretty things are happening around the studio to make it happen. are you ready for another class? just like last time I think it would be nice to see a show of lovely hands.  

Maybe a smaller class? Longer session? More videos? ( maybe i will dance for you this time? hahaa. no. i think i will just try not to look too nervous *wink*) New technique? Q&A is totally a go so if you have any questions or want to share a :" i think i would like to see..." thoughts.... i'm pretty much considering any and everything  :)

so lets do it shall we? lets have some fun!

this will be my second online class so i hope ( crossing fingers ) to offer you an improved version of myself :) last class was awesome & i definitely learned so much.  xoxoxo thank you to all the lovelies who took the class! xoxo

it's that time again... time to be brave & embrace the mess 
you wanna join in on the fun? 



A. said...

Love the sound of that :)

Marie - Med mina händer... said...

Yes! You are so charming - belive in yourself!

Si Alem said...

Congratulations for the quality of your pictures.
I still learn to make pictures like that.

Marie Kristl Flid said...

a new class means more inspiration! I'm looking forward for it :)

if you'd askme what I'd like in a new clas... I'd say:
- a bit more about photography
- a bit more about different techniques
- a bit more time for every lesson
- a bit more interaction may be? :)

Sweet Escape said...

I would live to tAke a class!! I missed it the last time!! Im a big fan of all your work!!

Unknown said...

SO pretty! Are you on instagram? :)

wanda said...

Hi Debee,
I think I told you this after the last class, but classes need to be a few days apart so that we can really stretch out and enjoy the techniques. The combination of photography challenge, journaling challenge, and technique was WONDERFUL but it was too much for me and I dropped out (stopped doing the assignments, but kept watching/reading along) after the weekend. It was just too much. I'd like a class that was every Thursday or every Friday so that working folks could work on it over the weekend. That being said, the last class was divine. You could just redo that one again!

Jennifer Kolakowski said...

Yes, yes! I would love another class!

Unknown said...

Would LOVE to do an online class of yours! Huge fan here!xx

Valentina Fussell said...

I absolutely LOVED your first class and would love to take another one!

Jenny said...

ABSOLUTELY would love another class!!! Anything would be wonderful...lots of bright colors for spring!!
Whatever you offer, it will be wonderful!! Can't wait!

Sheri Twing said...

I would definitely be first in line for another class! The last one I took from you was wonderful!

RachelG said...

Raising hand. ;)

Irini said...

I will definitely be taking another class!!!
I loved your class.....

Athens Greece

Bekka said...

Oh my! This is soooo pretty!