Tuesday, April 5, 2011

gotta look good when you eat :)

{ photo 11}

bring on the pretty napkins. i mean really look at that fabric right?! delish xo

today looked like this. everytime i get a bit hungry and in a rush i make this soup. In spanish we call it sopita. it's simple and very pleasing. i remember eating it as a little girl. I love all the shapes. i would play with my soup spelling out words in my spoon. And looky there. i still play with my food :)

even though i was eager to share my breakfast with you i was so hungry. I didn't want to play stylist with my food too long. when i get hungry. watch out. throw whatever food you have at me and fast. srsly. mr handsome likes to call that my "grouchy pants" moments.
which are often.
but whatevs.
we can't all be perfect. ( i always assure him that it happens to most people right? does that happen to you?)

anyhoo, like my little nephew baby g says EAT EAT!

off to make some dinner for the handsome man.
i hope you are enjoying some yummy food in your life too xo


samantha ramage said...

what a pretty lunch/breakfast :) i know how you feel about being starving. i often eat while i cook so by the time i finish my meal, i will have eaten a series of mini snacks in between! what a piggy!


Marlene said...

wow, those colours!
Absolutely gorgeous!
And I got hungry too..

Have a lovely wednesday!

Martina said...

Looks yummy and very pretty - love the colors!

Hi I'm Debee :) said...

hahaa sami i do that too. i get so stuffed and never eat the meal i spent forever cooking :)

thank you marlene for the lovely wishes. right back at ya :)

hello martina !
hope you are having a lovely week too xoxo


Bekka said...

Aw, I think your food looks beautiful! I love the fabric!