Sunday, April 3, 2011

love in the mix

{ photo 4 }

a little piece of heaven xoxo

Today we gathered as a family and presented our lovable sweet new baby nephew Mateo to God.  We prayed beautiful blessings over his life and promised our own to his.  To always bless, love & support him throughout life.  A promise is a promise little one. We've got your back baby boo :)

Completely a lovely and tender memory xo

Afterwards we had to celebrate with a fun family gathering :)

{ photo 5 }

getting creative & playing with food. pretty & delicious :)

So Mr.Handsome and I made what we love to share with family & friends and that is the following Mango Salsa.
{ photo 6 }

Mixed in are mangoes, avocados, cucumbers, red onion, red & yellow bell peppers, jicama, jalapeños, lemons, limes, salt, pepper & lots of chips.  It's always refreshing & mouth watering, I hope you try it :)

this weekend has been a wonderful one indeed.
I hope you enjoy a little family & food love



Irini said...

Oh Debee how adorable is your nephew!!
I have a favour to ask is there any way you can post your recipe for mango salsa?????
It sounds absolutely delicious and what with BBQ season around the corner for us here in Greece...... I think salsa would be perfect!!

weissbunt said...

Your little nephew is so adorable. Unfortunately our gang is not into fruity and hot, I might try the recipe anyway, sounds delicious! Have a great week - maks :-) ( a big fan)

Hi I'm Debee :) said...

hi irini & maks! yes i will post the recipe for the salsa as soon as i find the file. i know i had it saved but have not looked at it since i make my own version. i'm just afraid of telling you an exact amount of something because over the years my family has let me know how they prefer it. ( less spicy, less onion etc. so it's changed so much ) I will post something soon though pinky promise!!! xoxo

lovely wishes