Friday, April 29, 2011

lovely wishes

lovely wishes

today was a super long day. after staying up at 1 am until 4 am to watch & enjoy the fabulous wedding festivities of william & cate i felt like a loooong nap was in order :) and after said nap, i woke up with so much glee & joy i just had to express it via my tummy. i kept wanting to create a little tea party all day but seeing as i was the only one home i thought that would be silly. but then again, when was the last time i really enjoyed a royal wedding?! And to think so many wonderful people worldwide were also watching & sending so many of their lovely wishes out to the royal couple too. So let's celebrate shall we?  i decided to bake a little something something for mr.handsome & myself in honor of the royal hip hip hooray today.
i hope you enjoy the eye candy xoxo

royal xoxo

i google searched the royal flag & created a little mini flag version in photoshop to make the little flag. I simply free styled the cut and wrapped the flag around my pinkie to create the wave flow effect. added a little double sided square to the back left side of the paper flag & wrapped it around a wooden tooth pick. simple & sweet :)

creative & delish

i thoroughly enjoy a good upside down pine apple cake.  my mama makes the best. :P

pretty wishes

i love the vintage style plastic flowers so much. while watching the royal wedding i found myself wishing to dress up in a pretty hat. when i was looking through my baking stash i knew this little pretty flower would be a wonderful "royal hat" topping off a very dainty cupcake. xo

my little version of a royal delight

picnic date

and sometimes there are no words to express how much i love my own prince charming. 
i love that he makes my wildest dreams come true ( napoleon dynamite joke here)
for putting up with self portrait photo shoots his crazy wife insists are SUPER important and necessary while random people watch 1001 takes.
totally understands my need to bake a whole box of cupcake mix for just the 2 of us and not on a birthday. plus having to eat said cupcakes for breakfast lunch and dinner for the next week.
and coming home hungry yet waiting on me patiently to eat dinner together even though my impromptu photo shoot ( of cupcakes no less :) took longer than expected. 
setting up the tv upstairs in our bedroom ( i hate tv's in bedrooms... except on royal wedding days :) and staying up at the butt crack of dawn to watch a wedding we were not invited to together. 
never mind he went to work without a long nap. i took that for the both of us. *smiles* i love this man. as much as i love naps xoxo

good times
i've got extra cupcakes... come on over :)


Nat @ dear little house said...

They look like some super tasty royal treats! Cute flag :)

kerry hawkins art and photo said...

Cute Post, The food looks so beautiful and yummy

martha brown said...

The cupcake with the heart sprinkles is my fave -- adorable!
(cupcakes freeze really well :)


I had my own tea party too, and enjoyed the wedding. Glad your prince charming watched with you.


melinda said...

WHERE ON EARTH did you find those adorable heart-shaped sprinkles?! I will be needing custody of those immediately.

I, too, wanted to have a Wills & Kate tea-party but was a good girl and studied for exams instead.

P.S. the word verification below says "dededer", which is appropriate because I can imagine it to sound like the horn-herald thing that they play when the royals are headed into somewhere.

Unknown said...

lovely photos(&cupcakes!!)

My own prince charming is patient with surprisingly many of the same things you mentioned above. ;)

I'm a lucky chick(or dutchess, as he's been calling me since yesterday!

Denise said...

You are the most delightful person Debee!

dee -@ The Old Fat Hen said...

Thanks Debee for the huge smile I now have after reading this post-love dee

Dawn McVey (dawnsing) said...

Ahh, Debee......I can't tell you how much this post makes me smile! I so enjoyed watching the wedding!

Your photos are gorgeous and I love, love that plastic flower (where do you find those?)....such an adorable little "fascinator" on the cupcake! Love it. And yes, my sweet hubs is so patient with me for a lot of the same reasons you mentioned. Haha. Dear man. ;)

Thanks for making me smile, Dearie. xoxo

Sara&Eva said...

The cupcake is beautiful!

Caylee Pugh said...

such amazing tablescapes! both the food and the photography looks amazing... you're quite talented

Padded Cell Princess said...

What a way to celebrate the royal wedding! Those sweets looked incredible and I think it's good that you and your Prince splurge a bit every now and again! You've got an amazing talent by the look of your desserts :)

Rosie said...

Found you via Phinner! You crack me up, apart from the gawjuss photos and yummy cupcakes... "for breakfast, lunch and dinner" made me giggle! Luckily, I have a teenager who eats them by the handful late at night!!