Monday, April 4, 2011

new favorite thing: sewing

{ photo 7 }

I think I might love collecting colorful  spools of thread more *heeehee*

lately I've been really enjoying my sewing class. Not just because it gives me a reason to leave the house and drive someone else crazy :) But also because learning something new is a welcome challenge for me. This year i made it a goal to learn to knit & sew. So far I've got the sewing coming along and hope to share some humble looking projects I've worked on :) 

{ photo 8 }

xo *hearts come in all shapes & colors* xo

I did take these while the teacher was talking :)
yeah, i will do anything for a cute photo 
and why yes... i completely think of jolly ranchers every time i see this picture. ( my favorite is the fruit punch mmmm :)

{ photo 9 }

{ photo 10 }

 the essentials all dolled up

So playing is also learning new things. 
It's figuring out you like to make your thread stand out from the fabric. 
It's therapeutic. 
It's eye candy. 
It's refocusing. 
It's believing in yourself.
It's accepting my own imperfections. 
It's finding patience for oneself is harder than i think.  
It's accepting that sewing is not so scary since I'm fully armed with a new seam ripper. :)  

learning is accepting the process... that just like everything else I've learned ( playing guitar, drumming, photography, crochet etc ) i can only get better. oh i can remember how defeated i felt when i first started learning how to drum. sitting there tears rolling down my face. just broken. with my whole heart i longed to "just get it". so willing yet not willing to give up "perfection". until i let go it was then i truly embraced what learning is about. learning is an everyday process. sucking for a little while is okay :) it's not forever. keep going. tomorrow you are a going to be AWESOME

so me and my seam ripper are buddies.
we're cool like that. ;)

here's to more frustrating things to learn.
and the complete thrill & hope for "someday" finally achieving it.



Grace said...

oh my seam ripper gets a lot of business as well! I've been sewing for about a year and a half, I still can't cut or sew straight but I don't mind so much. If I got frustrated every time, I'd probably quit! I also love my earlier patchwork pieces that were totally wonky :)

Design Elements said...

lovely fav pieces. just bought a book about sewing...

Unknown said...

Oh- a good seam ripper is SO important. I was using the cheapo one that came with my sewing box & didn't realize that they're not all like that, so I spent the $2 on a 'good' one, and voila! I don't hate ripping out seams(as much, anyway)....Sewing has been such a good therapy for me as well. I have ADD, and NEVER finish anything, but sewing grounds me. I don't want to quit- most of the time. Lately i don't quit because I've opened an etsy shop that has begun to get a bit of consistent business, but i really do enjoy *almost* all of it. :) I'm glad that you're enjoying it!

JgWM said...

So glad you are learning to sew and create beautiful things. I learned to make doll clothes as a little girl. I agree a good seam ripper is essential. Clover seam rippers are pure love.

Have fun!

Fork said...

Thanks for sharing! Glad to know that others swear by their seam rippers too! :)

Lisa said...

I, too, am totally into sewing these days. It's refreshing to have a new creative outlet where I can just soak up new skills and play without expectation. I am enjoying being a gigantic amateur.