Thursday, April 21, 2011


hello  :)

goodness it's been a while.
i've missed sharing some daily pics ( more than a few weeks :( so sorry ) i have come back to share a few from a perfectly lovely day with my handsome man.

my current loves...
flowers and peace.

just looking back at these photos makes me feel happy. i've been laying low, designing a few things and getting ready for a craft fair in early May. Thinking, pondering and creating kind of lead me to unplug a bit from here but I have indeed missed you. I hope your days have been filled with beautiful spring weather.

These were from a week ago along the coronado ferry landing. i love the skyline in the back. :)

pretty pretty orangey flowers + a sweet rose perfume = lovely xoxo

caught this little bee scurrying away inside a rose. completely content & happy.  so cute. 
I like bees even though i was stung once. 
My name Deborah means "Bee" and i seriously wish it meant something deeper than that hahaa.
oh and don't ever call me deborah. i freak out. my mom is the only one that calls me that and only if she's yelling at me *big cheesy smile*. 
and i only go by debee. 
never deb. 
never ever.
ever never.
no. no. no. deb. no. no. no.
pretty & please :)

i always tell everyone that line in "you've got mail" i'm sweet like honey but i sting like a bee!
i love that line.

and i always think of the episode of "full house" when stephanie tanner runs around the house with her honeybee costume. total classic. :)

i love this pretty rose. too bad i never can grow them quite so pretty. i can grow a succulent like nobodies  business though. green thumb up*

i think of mister handsome every time i hum the song "nobody loves me like you" by jars of clay.

i love this part:

No one loves me like you 

No one loves me the way you do 

No one loves me like you 

No one loves me the way, the way that you do 

in 3 days we will celebrate our 2nd anniversary.

and i'm so thankful for these 2 years all by ourselves.

he's helped find the best part of me. and forgiven the all the rest of the crazy parts :)

i love him from the bottom of my heart all the way to the tippy top.

i wish you a wonderful spring day
some fresh flowers
+ a big happy hug


not anonymous said...

i was gonna make a joke about the bee and how you should have taken it home, and fed it, and then have it spayed or neutered... but i won't... i love you ;)

Jill said...

(1) Happy anniversary!
(2) LOVELY photos!
(3) I have that same shirt! Anthro, right? :)

La Petite Maison said...

I have not heard that Jars of Clay song in a while; need to play that album again. :) Happy anniversary!

Valentina Fussell said...

Happy Easter and Happy Anniversary! Two of the best things in the world to be celebrating! Hugs from Copenhagen!

Denise said...

Happy anniversary Debee! How exciting. It seems like yesterday when you were getting married :) have a beautiful celebration.

jamie said...

how i love that part of coronado. i know exactly where those lovely photos were taken. and i miss it so.
happy anniversary, lovely lady!

Sara&Eva said...

I love the first photo!

Maria Laura Martins said...

Love your photos!