Thursday, April 7, 2011

thank you xo XO

{ photo 13 }

so very thankful tax season is over for us :)

finishing the day on a happy note.
today we paid a visit to our fabulous tax lady.
showered her with gifts ( this postcard set in the photo above ) in hopes to show her how wonderful we think she is.

as scatterbrained as i am i am very thankful for her. xo

i'm even more thankful for mr.handsome for putting up with me and my piles of receipts everywhere :)
because even though 2010 had some high highs ( teaching my first class both in person & online + working on a unique card range with an amazing card company + staying married ;P) the year also brought  some very low lows ( losing another job- yet again, finding my way, finding new direction... both change & growth really hurt + leaving the past behind) even still it was a good year.

despite the lack of money, the lack of work and the lack of self-confidence... mr.handsome always pushed me to believe good was just around the bend.  i love it when that happens :)

good is always up ahead xoxo



jamie said...

sounds like you have a good man...but you knew that!
i believe your creativity is going to take you to incredible heights in the years to come. don't stop believing. (o.k...was that corny or what?)
our tax lady is still in chula vista...i love her!
{enjoying your photography so much of late.}

Danielle said...

Yay for looking on the positive side & for amazing spouses!

Bekka said...

Here's to another great year!

Paul Rothbein said...

A really good way to express one's love of peace and arts and crafts through these subtle photos of flowers, beads, and butterflies.