Wednesday, August 10, 2011

creating & celebrating

I've always loved cupcakes & i've always loved sprinkles. yet i've only just begun to love them both in a pretty tea cup xoxo

yesterday we celebrated a beautiful moment of life... we welcomed a wee little new friend into this world. So happy our friend and her new baby girl are happy as can be. yesterday i got cupcake happy for them and made a few for celebrating this wee baby girl.  :) i made a few girly cupcake toppers in about 5 min. and ooh lala... pretty indeed. i don't think you can go wrong with a cute butterfly :) then i realized... they are just too pretty to eat. well, not really. hahaaa. but i took a few photos to share with you. maybe brighten your spirits a wee bit? bring a ray of sunshine your way. without the added calories :)

in the background is my new vintage score. A vintage yo-yo pillow case :) i firmly believe you can never have to many pillow cases. Plus a cute vintage cake pedestal in the most beautiful porcelain aqua+ mini vintage doily. all scores from a recent yet very happy thrifting date with the mister. i cannot even begin to tell you how happy i am with my new pedestal. i keep propping every random little thing on it... just so i can use it everyday :)

ahh. creating & celebrating is wonderful.

i know moments & times like these are not going to last. i will have to work at making them happen once rafael arrives. in the mean time i am counting my blessings. i am recording the "mundane" just for me. hopefully moments like these will still be sprinkled throughout the years to come.

just remind me it's cupcake time okay? :)

now onto this past weekend! it was great to be amongst fellow handmade lovers! oh we do flutter around to our own little tunes. i love handmade markets. my lovely sister came and we shopped to our little hearts delight. :) mostly for other lovelies in our lives. i love showing support to fellow makers. :)

I have also added to the Inspire Lovely shelves pretty new items

{ garlands }

and even better news.... i'm doing an Inspire Lovely giveaway very soon... like maybe tomorrow how about starting monday for a little more of a heads up :) *hint*hint* 

But for now, i hope you enjoy a bit of creating and celebrating
off to go dance with rafael in my tummy :)


Heather DG said...

Ah Debee - your pictures and art are always so inspiring and it is such a pleasure to see what new vintage finds or tasty treats you have to share with us and love hearing about your adventures with Mr Handsome - but the true treasure is in your pure sweetness and the joy that you find in everything - never let that go...reading that you were going to dance with Rafael in your tummy was just such a happy beautiful image!! Thanks for sharing with us!

YeLLoWMeDaiSY said...

LOVE!! My business partner, Holly, and I practically drool over all the cute things you have!!

I am your newest follower and a fellow Queen Bee! Come check out our blog if you get a chance. YeLLoWMeDaiSY