Monday, January 9, 2012

still alive :)

oh the joy. being a mama is hard work ;) and this little one has me wrapped around his little fingers.  If I could describe this past month as a mom I would definitely say "overwhelmed" would best describe it. Overwhelmed with joy. lack of sleep. love. tears. hope. fear. grateful. adapting. etc. it's all running around me a mile a minute. but we are still alive. still thankful for being mom & dad & little one.

little r is one month now, how does the time both fly by and yet seem to go soooo sloooow?! hahaa :) So here we are, completing the cycle. exactly where we started in 2011 with our baby announcement and now look, a baby :P every now and then i catch myself in a reflection and for some reason i still expect to see my baby bump and then when i see its not there it feels SO weird. crazy how i pushed out a baby just a month ago. even though i had a  HUGE fear of labor. even though i never ever wanted to go through labor. and even though it seemed impossible. its true. i'm a mama. i'm little r's mama. and we're a very blessed family. We ended 2011 on such a high note. i'm hoping 2012 gets better. Already making plans to take little r to his first baseball game, road trip, beach outing, picnic, etc. good times ahead. 

now if i could only get some actual Inspire Lovely work done...but SOMEONE seems to never want to  give mama a break. hint * hint* well with that little face,  my heart melts... and then a big party of  kisses & squishy hugs ensues.  this is how we roll... :)

taking it day by day
living in the moment,


Jill said...

R is SUCH a cutie! Good genes. :)

The Ink House said...

Congratulations! Baby Rafael is beautiful! Awww... That first month is everything that you describe and it is nothing you can prepare for. Best of luck to your gorgeous family for 2012!!
P.S. I love your baby announcement!!
Liz :D

Irini said...

Oh Debee little R is gorgeous, I see why you want to hug and squish him.
Hang in there it is tough work but sooooooo rewarding.
All my best to your gorgeous family!

Valentina Fussell said...

awww!! What a sweetie! With three little people, I definitely understand those feelings you have, especially that first month. It does get better... really! It's amazing how miserable you can feel and yet completely blissed out at the very same moment. Soak up every moment, sleep when you can, and get to your work when you find the time. Hugs and blessings!

Keshet said...

He is so cute:) Love that smiley photo of him!

Denise said...

Overwhelming is a perfect word. Be gentle with yourself. Don't expect too much. It is normal to be overwhelmed by how to feed, love, hold, get to sleep and then TAKE A SHOWER?!! what?! It's the hardest work I have ever done. If I could go back I would be easier on myself.

Sending you lots of momma love and that wonderful thing I named when my babies were little.....liquid grace. It's the stuff that just surrounds you and lifts you up when you are just about to lose it. :)

Dawn McVey (dawnsing) said...

Debee, he's an absolute doll baby! What a handsome little man....I love, love his sweet smiles!

So happy that you're doing are loved, dearie! Hope your day is a great one. xoxo

angie backen said...

oh sweet mama... he is absolutely precioso! i'm slowly catching up with happenings but wanted to wish you and the mister a most heartfelt congratulations! i'm so thrilled for you and i look forward to reading all about your experiences as little r's mama ( and hopefully get to meet him someday). cherish every single one, for the time... it flies. xoxoxo

Bonita Rose said...

You are blessed.. thks for sharing all of this with us. xo

Melonie said...

Oh that hair!! He is so adorable Debee:) Soak up every little minute of him.

lililali said...

congratulations he is so beautiful!

Marx said...

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Shirley said...

I TOTALLY know what you mean about time going both fast and slow at the same time!