Monday, May 14, 2012

*hello new love*

my goal for my very first mother's day was to play with paper after a long hiatus from my art journaling days. i really wanted to put into words and paper my journey to being a mommy :) and even though i remember in my pre-mama days it taking me forever to finish a single page... this little book took me a bit longer than that now that i have my buddy little r. but i did a bit of planning and grabbed a paper kit ( i used this paper kit in the shop ) to simplify my creative process ( i have so much stuff! sometimes its hard to choose ha!)

i made a little time here and there, played with my sewing machine, cut up some of my favorite photos, reminisced and enjoyed the process from start to finish. good times. just like last mother's day...when we first announced to our families we were pregnant. one of my favorite days ever. happy times xoxo.

when my baby bump started to show :)  sometimes i would catch my reflection walking by a window and i seriously would not recognize it. it was kind of hard to believe i was pregnant. so thankful and so happy for what was to come.

i tucked a bit of journaling in the glassine envelope about how we told our families we were pregnant. it was something special i cherish deeply. although this year i'm sure both our families were expecting another bit of baby news. but alas, no extra special baby news except that little r is our cutie patootie and whipping us into mommy & daddy shape every day :) i really think he knows he's in charge. yikes hahaa!

a bit of journaling about how we felt when we found out we were expecting a baby boy xo. it made me teary remembering being so anxious and the waiting...and then knowing...peace xo.

and me having to retake my dmv photo and knowing it was extra special since little r was in it too :)

i'm so thankful mr.handsome took photos of the entire journey. even though it felt silly at times. i'm glad  i have them xoxo.

since knowing i was having little r i've adopted wearing the color blue. it's quite a fun color to wear :)

and our last photo of the bump before meeting little r in person. sometimes when little r is kicking away next to me it reminds me of when he was kicking away inside. now i get to kiss he little toes. watch him grow ever single day. it's amazing. that little guy has stolen my heart. every bit of it.

i finished the book with my favorite quote: "al infinito y mas alla" ( "to infinity and beyond") from toy story. my love for mr.handsome has multiplied remembering our journey to today. these are just a few of the happy good times. our journey had its ups and downs like everyone else's, but i'm glad we are holding onto these happy ones. each one reminding us to be thankful for every little blessing along the way.

today i remember that we are blessed to infinity and beyond
thanks for letting me share


Unknown said...

love your style. it's nice to look at pictures of someone who is 'easy on the eyes'! very inspired by your work. do you use a typewriter? i always want to do that font but i don't know how to get it! thanx

Bonita Rose said...

your work is stunning and breathtaking. I secretly wish we could play with paper together. Love to you and your family. You inspire me in so many ways. xo

Hi I'm Debee :) said...

Hi Faygie :)
Hahaa! Thank you so much! Yes I love using my typewriter to journal. It's such a simple font but I think its my favorite detail. I think even without the typewriter, you can use the "courier " or " American typewriter " fonts installed on either word or photoshop to print out your text and add to your pages. I hope you have fun creating and I wish you a lovely week!


Lara said...

Your album is GORGEOUS!!! Congratulations on the baby!

Pearl said...

So cute and precious!
Congrats! Boys are awesome!!
I'm having my second boy too!


Emily D. said...

I adore this album!! I have always loved your work. Very inspiring!! Congrats on the baby!! The photos of you are gorgeous!!

fashion-meets-art said...

wonderful frames. love it.
such a perfect idea.
lovely greets


Dawn McVey (dawnsing) said...

Ahhh....this post makes me happy, happy, happy. But mostly just happy for you, that you got some creative time in....I'm sure that felt good, after a bit of a hiatus. Your journal is beautiful, just like you, sweet girl.


Reflect -n- Recreate said...

This book is glorious! I love when woman take pictures along the way of their pregnancy, such a precious time seeing them grow lets you see your baby grow. (im not a mom yet but sure am excited for it one day). I love your style, very similar to my scrapbooking style too. Thanks for sharing :)
Ps- i tell my mr. handsome "i love you to infinity and beyond" :) love it
Thanks again <3

Reflect -n- Recreate said...

you momma book is so precious. Your style is very similar to mine with scrapbooking. i love when woman take photos along the way of their pregnancy. it gives you a glimpse into imagining how your baby is growing as you grow. i am not a mom yet but cant wait for that day. <3
ps- i tell my mr. handsome "i love you to infinity and beyond" :) oh the love of toy story flows into all life

Denise said...

Wonderful. so happy for you. Those photos of you through out your pregnancy are so beautiful and baby R is getting cuter and cuter. Enjoy!

Chris said...

Hi Debee, what a beautiful journey. I'm just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

Anonymous said...

This blog would be great, if you updated it

bethchien said...

you are so beautiful and I love your scrap style!

Denise said...

loved my goodies from your shop. Now I just need time to scrap them!

Hi I'm Debee :) said...

Oh anonymous. So right . Ha!

Lou @ Make.Do.Sew said...

These are great, really love the collage :-)

Miek said...

Hi! What a lovely pregnancy pictures!
I also want to do something special with mine, so thanks for the inspiration :)
Groetjes, Miek

Maria Asmus said...

Wow, your mini is so so beautiful!! Love everything about it!! And you´re so pretty!! The oictures are gorgeous!! :)