Friday, May 11, 2012

where did she go?

between lots of baby drool.
tummy time.
a million diaper changes.
& loads of laundry.
and sticky kisses and smiles.

alas, i am back :)

and my little ninja too :)

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pardon my absence.  adjusting to motherhood has been crazy around here. i can now safely say i've underestimated, under appreciated and not praised my mother enough now that i see what kind of crazy she had to deal with raising me & my siblings. :)  My mama is amazing. She raised 5 kids. 3 girls three years apart + 2 after a five year hiatus.  all i can say is i'm the cute one. hahaa. i kid. its my middle child perspective talking. ;P

and now i have a cute little one. look at my mangy baby :)
i've always wanted to rock my hair like this. so far i've been his chew toy and he's like my little pigeon ready to splatter me with anything and everything. never a dull moment :)

the only bad thing...
i don't smell the same.
no matter how hard i try.

I wish i had more time to do a million other things but i have to remember i'm a mom and that always comes first. Everything else comes after that. But thankfully had time to do some fun things and we even got to do a market

had a date complete with a new dress + shoes and starbucks. :)

driving mommy bananas... check!

made and enjoyed a delicious breakfast with mr.handsome while little r naps :)

got my crafty on by making some big 'ol bibs for little r. ( i'm surprised they are still holding up :)

and i made him his first crinkle toy. quite the experience. 

celebrated our 3 year anniversary ( our first as mom & dad )

FINALLY got to make something pretty from some wooden salad bowls i picked up while thrifting TWO years ago! two years. wow. i almost gave up and gave the bowls away thinking it was a ridiculous idea to upcycle salad bowls into planters...

my mom is the queen of succulent plants so it was nice to work on this project together.

i even scored a bronze t-rex...  kitschy and appropriate in this house full of guys :) roar!

And yesterday i celebrated my first mama's day ( mexican mothers day ) and little r gave me a gift.  sexy right?  i even ironed the darn dress!!! ( i never iron anything ) oh geez.  

and this is us last month. before little r got his hair cut. we're still alive and kickin'. still holding on and trying to figure everyday out. Holding onto every good moment and tucking it away for safekeeping. and if all else fails, thankfully starbucks understands... hahaaa! We head to starbucks to enjoy happy hour and that my dear lovelies is where you will see a mangy lady and her cute mangy baby :)



phinner said...

you two are the most adorable mangy people EVER!

: .)

Anonymous said...

Looks like you are enjoying the his hair.

Laetitia said...

Your ninja is so beautiful! I love his hair!
Ohhhh i'm a Inspire Lovely Giveaway winner! Thanks!!!!

Bonita Rose said...

I hv missed your blog and so glad u are back Debee! hugs xo your family is beautiful on the inside and out! xo

Dawn McVey (dawnsing) said...

Nothin' mangy about you or that adorable boy of yours!! You look gorgeous! So happy to hear that you're doing so well. Have missed you for sure. xoxo, Dearie.