Friday, July 20, 2012

summer boutique & a great cause :)

Tomorrow my HSM ( Handsome Stud Muffin :) and I are heading up to long beach to be a part of an awesome summer boutique.  Penelope Lane boutique is sponsoring a lovely craft for a cause: Ms.Wheelchair CA foundation and we believe it's such an important cause to support. So that's where we'll be :)

If you can, come and say hi :) 

We would love to meet you and share a smile xo.

I promise we don't bite hahaa. 

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We also will be having a pretty little sale on several items you might love. New garlands, crochet flowers, party jars ;) and new paper kits. 

I for one LOVE these handmade boutiques because i love shopping :)

hey, as a handmade artist, i can appreciate hehee.  And it's all for a great cause xoxo even better xo.

I hope you are having a lovely friday!
woo hoo! 



Bonita Rose said...

oh my .. I wish I could go.. but I'm in ND.. sad... :(... I'm with u.. I love shopping at these events... I would def buy out half your shop.. haha
xo love to you.. and great sales to you!

Denise said...

Hope it was a great success.
always enjoy my visits here Debee.

Laura K said...

Love the pics in your blog :) Inspiration!

Heather said...

I see your blog is full of gorgeous things! Nice to meet you Heather