Sunday, September 9, 2012

oh my

oh geez, for the past couple of weeks I had been worrying about little r not wanting to crawl, sit up or pull himself up. And wouldn't ya know it, he did it ALL in one day... and hasn't stopped since.  Sure thanks little r for picking a great week to be AMAZING, i had to take a break from updating the shop to give him standing ovations and happy kisses.  I mean look at that face?! This is him about ready to pull up on me so he can stand. 

and this is his celebration "happy me" face. ( a bit blurry from trying to hold him steady and the camera :) umm... excuse the crazy messy hair. he puts his head down on my tummy while trying to balance and get his feet underneath him. (he might be ready for his third haircut!) Adorable. ugh. there i go again. but look at that face. okay. i gotta stop :p Sometimes i feel like i'm raising a class clown hahaa! i love it.

So little r is mobile and now I'm wondering why he can't just stay put ha! 

So here we are, late as ever but with a few shiny new glorious items to fill the shop.  

I love all these pretty things in the shop now. Funny how most of the items are a pale blue, so refreshing and tranquil. Sigh.  I hope you took some time to relax this weekend.  It's been wonderful to do a bit of updating in the shop and now I'm a wee bit tired :)

nap time? 


Jill said...

Way to go, little man! :)

jamie said...

love all your new pretties too.

Jacky C said...

What an adorable smile he has! Love your newest additions

Reflect -n- Recreate said...

Oh man the cutest little happy face EVER!!! I am having a baby in february... eekk so excited/nervous haha.

I was also wondering... I am offering free ad space for 2 months on my blog until September 12th, I would love it if you would participate! All I need is an image with your name on it. Let me know... and please say yes! :)

kim said...

Awww he is just adorable! Look at that face! And look at that silvery string and pale blue ribbon, I'm sure I'll have to have some of that!

Teddi said...

little r, is absolutely adorable! :)