Tuesday, October 30, 2012

enough of my face and cake!

well, enough of my face. but cake can stay :)

so wow. hi. how are ya? it's october right? the last week in october? seriously?! i'm winning as the most absent blogger in this corner people. sheesh.

let me share some october loves yes? via instagram of course ;)

up top: baby pine cones. i've actually wished many times that these were real acorns but nope. still pine cones. although they are SO adorable being all 1inch of cuteness. i find them while taking little r walking around our block. and mr.handsome always seems embarrassed i pick up crap. well, i remind him, it's free crap :) 

paper hearts. um. enough said. puffy hearts xoxo

handmade crochet beads. awesome. my yarn love runs deep. except its still 80 degrees here and cozying up with yarn is not exactly fresh. i mean it's fall right? i'm dying to wear sweaters, my cute cowls and sexy ear muffs. okay, so no ear muffs but boy that would be cute ;P

reorganizing my cubbies. i'm taking inventory of the shop and decided to play around instead. cleaning is only fun if its pretty. you can quote me on that. ehem.

look at this drool fest! i sometimes wonder how other mamas get anything done working from home and taking care of a little one. i'm surprised when anything gets done really :)  this little guy is well on his way to 11 months and each month he gets cuter and funner and sillier. ( i think several of you mentioned that to me before and its SO TRUE!)  i'm really glad we're in each others lives. no more kids. how can anything be better? he's the best i can do. ugh. i'm gonna go pinch his cheeks. srsly!

have you tried these? brownie pops? i bought the box on sale for a dollar and one day when little r was not wanting to nap i made them. i almost ate them all. i needed that sugar kick. it was awesomeness . I do hope you try them. i made them again using the ghirardelli's brownie mix and it was divine. super moist. i only added extra walnuts because i'm a nut for nuts and i love them more that way. it was so hard to share! hahahaaa!

and new items for the shop. I realized this past week i have yet to stock up the shop with several new items created for upcoming fairs. Well here's one :) Handmade xoxo stickers

and us... here we are on the very steps the handsome man and i married 3 years ago. it was such a beautiful day, all i wanted for october was another family photo. Look at those twinsies?! flannel men. cute cute. this is the best we could do with the self-timer and a 10 month old that is more interested in everything else but the camera. hahaaa!   

so goodbye october. 

hello fall.

hello you.

and before i go, i have to share this bit of cheer. little r loves his cousin and uncle. i love all the giggles. later when he's twenty something i can't wait to show him just how silly he was when he was little. ha! :)  

i'm happy. i know it. i'm gonna go twirl around now :)


jamie said...

love it when you post.
thanks for sharing.

Jean H. said...

Wow! I could give you all of the REAL acorns you wanted...live in Nebraska and get tired of sweeping them up and stepping on them every time I move around outside! You are truly blessed.

Jean H. said...

Wow! You are truly blessed. I could give you as many REAL acorns as you want. Live in Nebraska and get so tired of sweeping them up and/or stepping on them anytime I go outside.

Hi I'm Debee :) said...

hi jamie! you are so sweet, thank you! thanks for stopping by xoxo :)

Jessica said...

Really love it. :)