Thursday, November 15, 2012

t'was market eve

Happy November my dear friends!  Since we are here in san diego and the leaves don't quite change the same as other parts of the world I wanted to make a few goodies for fall.  Fabric, felt and paper leaves = fall happiness. :)

I even made a new fall collection with rich browns, soft feathers and pretty papers.  Perfect for collectors :)  I am so smitten for the little wee pine cone and vintage mushroom! xo

I made this little gathering using the fall leaf embellishment pack (now in the shop! ). Look at the cute little horse!!! oh man, makes my heart so happy with these little guys :) The embellishment pack comes with Velvet, Fabric, felt, paper leaves (pictured above)  + mini pine cone + heart, mini starburst, horse & leaves paper punches = a handful of happiness.  

 I love the neutral colors. I'm loving the simple. the easy and quick projects. I'm sure your world is also spinning a mile a minute and it's nice to finish something super quick right?! I finished these in mere minutes. Not gonna fret over placement or anything, just here, it's done. whoo hoo :)

And my amazing friend Katie made this beautiful GOLD shimmery twine. GOLD. umm Katie, you are awesome and so is this twine. be still my heart!

I had to make a quick pom pom garland and its so pretty and simple I love the way the shimmery gold specks catch the light just right.  So soft and perfect. All these little bits are now available in the shop :), just finishing up a fun market and i wanted to invite you to come :)

I'm getting my holiday shopping done here as I made a promise to support handmade for my gift giving. it's a blessing to be a part of something like this and can't wait to support these ladies and their amazing work. 

I hope you are warm and bundled up
cozy feet
happy smile
sweet wishes,

ps: i miss you ;)


jamie said...

i adore the queen bee.
how i wish i was closer so i could go as often as you all are set up.
hope is it hugely successful for you.

Bonita Rose said...

I love all you create.. and u make it all look so so easy.. I love all your little things and I'm starting a little collection of my own! I'm thankful I took your online course, I love re reading it and I learn more so much more, every time.. love to you xo bonitarose

Hi I'm Debee :) said...

lots of love to you jamie!!! xoxoxo
and yes it's true, QBM is awesome! Good times were had, and umm... lots of shopping ;P

Hi I'm Debee :) said...

Thank you Bonita Rose! I'm sure your collections now include beautiful beach items! how fun and congrats on the move :) Thank you for the class cheer, so happy it has been a good resource, hopefully a new class will be had in 2013! yay :)