Monday, December 10, 2012

sweet december

I'm overwhelmed with joy today. Our little guy turns 1! I'm smitten :) 

About 5 months ago I made this page to share with family. I left everything simple again. I printed out teeny tiny photos ( about less than an inch each ) from my instagram feed ( you can follow me here!) and left white space along the edges to mimic a polaroid. And i finally got to use one of my favorite papers I'd been hoarding ;P  I love the design as it goes well with either a boy or girl theme. And I purchased the paper way before i knew if we were having a boy or little girl. I am so happy, it's the perfect paper!

Yesterday we took photos at a park, totally not planned *wink*wink* ( i gotta keep all planned photo shoots a secret from mr.handsome... hahaa ;)  he's not much of a photo lover) but i'm happy with the shots we captured. it's just us.  and this silly kiddo.  

could you tell he just survived a super long day at the rose bowl flea market? as we were walking up and down the aisle along with the mass of people everywhere, he was happily waiving to everyone like if he was on top of one of the floats in the rose bowl parade. left and right, waving and smiling. far and near, he attracted so many new friends and happy smiles. all the while mr.handsome and i kept thinking where does he get it from?!?! hahahaaa! he gets funnier every day. he makes us happier too.  Not everyday is perfect. buy i love having these moments to hang onto. xo

oh my word. 
i really love that little r likes leaves and wouldn't put this one down. No problem buddy, have 20 leaves. hey, have a park full! all free AND they held his attention span for a whole 20 seconds ;)
i love that round tummy. xo

these are the invites for his party, hand stamped neon orange R's + cute wooden giraffe's made into a magnet ( we just added a wee magnet to the back) perfect to hold cute photos of this cute kid and the invitation. Way too much fun. Thankfully we are keeping things small for his first birthday and i didn't have to make 50+ invites. That will be next year hahaa! 

i love december xoxo

i created a teeny tiny calendar to add to my december daily pages. Now available in the shop :) ( 2013 mini calendars coming soon ! )

And here's my accountability photo for my december daily. I decided that if i were to finish this i seriously needed to post it somewhere visible. and so here it is. my little collection of pretty papers that i decided will do for this years december daily. I looked back at my first december daily and realized that it was 2 whole years ago!!! hahaa, so much for a yearly tradition :(  I'm sucking it up and just going to do this year and not worry about it.  Paper love is forever. even if you skip a couple of pages/years ;)

So for this year's collection i wanted it to be less "festive" as i don't think little r gets the concept of christmas yet. So this is me documenting us and our month long hoopla that is life.  everyday is a great day to have fun for little r :) Not just birthdays and not just christmas. So i picked neutral colors as i also wasn't going to be focusing on too many "christmas" activities. I can't wait to bake gingerbread ninja's with little r and share snowmen marshmallows with hot cocoa over a christmas movie later on.  maybe i'm gonna like christmas more than him hahahaaa!  i love christmas. i hope you to are filling your hearts with great memories with loved ones and creating to your little hearts content.

So off to celebrate the most handsome little fella in the universe.
happy days to you


jamie said...

happy birthday to you both.
so adorable.
and you are so happy.

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