Thursday, March 21, 2013

Welcome Spring :)

Well lookie there...I'm all up early blogging and my do i feel all kinds of awesome. Jammin' to some group love - tongue tied. i totally yelled at the intro too ;P  ooooohhh yeah  ahahaahhhhhh


gotta save my energy hahaaa.

Alrighty, so spring huh? In my neck of the world it's been sunny with a bit of grey gloom that burns off throughout the day. I can't ever do winter too long. i think san diego just breezes right by the seasons and makes us wimps for real weather. And i'm a happy wimp. i might be wearing my leopard snuggie. With a warm cowl and double socks. i'm so bad ;(  i hope you are braving the weather in your 'hood. If spring has not yet started then i also hope these pics of our new spring items for the shop with cheer ya right up ;)

I'm normally not a huge pastel fan but i'm so tired of the lingering gloom. Pastels are a welcome change ;)

I normally wear black. i think having worked in an art gallery, being an art school alum and having been a drummer i like black. you blend. you don't have to worry about clashing patterns ;) and black is slimming heheee *wink*

but no black here ladies. it's time for color!

I think i might try wearing more purple.. it might make me look more alive ha!
will you try wearing a new color?

hello pretty!
butterflies never get old. i brought some back from a trip to vietnam but i have to say that i love making them and adding polka dot patterns ;)


perfect easter goodies xo

also designed these exclusive remix hearts. 9 fresh designs ;) 

I will be adding a free sheet of one of these pastel beauties to each order placed ;P  gotta share the love ya know what i mean? *wink*wink*

SO now for a drum roll!
*insert drumming ;) *
I'm super happy to share these beauties with you! Finally, after waiting so long they are here! New exclusive stamps yay!

I have so many things i'm stamping up - heck little r is not at all safe from a nice stamping hahaa ;) just kidding.  but i have caught him running out of the studio with a few stamps! that little sneaky kid hahaaa! i think he loves stamps as much as his mama. ;)

i'm going to use these beauties to document my project life pages. i'm a few pages behind but it's fun knowing i've got these stamps to make it a bit easier. i think now i need to stock up on ink pads hehee. 

my favorite from this release. Love never fails. i feel like this one is my everyday reminder. no matter  what happens, nothing else matters but this. being a new mom i think i need this reminder every minute hahaa! no matter how hard i try at doing what is right for little r, love is always going to be the best thing for him. for both of us of course ;) A few things have happened that have really made me think beyond my everyday routine. What memories will i look back on? What would i change? For instance, will i look back on how well i sleep trained my baby? or the feeling of holding him in my arms as he falls asleep? (which makes me tear up every time). no matter how looooong the day seems to be i like thinking back on the day and remembering what i loved most. that i am here. i'm blessed to be little r's mama. and in his silly way he is starting to show his love back. i'll be sitting and playing with him and he sneaks up from behind and all i feel is a big kiss on my shoulder. or now he learned to tickle (and realized mama is super ticklish) so he likes to do tickle drive bys hahaa! anything for a laugh. my heart continues to grow.  

sigh. i'm such a sap hehee.

i feel as if i could stamp this on everyone's hand ;) in a bright pink.

another favorite. i would stamp this on mr.handsome's arm everyday if he'd let me. for now, i just send him off to work with a pink zip lock bag full of trail mix. ;P i kind of want to stamp bomb everything with this stamp! hahaaa! i kind of think it would cheer someone up. i will tell you if i work up the courage ;)

and a little booth love xoxo! We are so excited about a few upcoming handmade shows and all the new product we are adding to the shop! We will be at the Queen Bee Market @ the SNAP conference in April ;) Never been to Utah but boy are we so ready to explore! I don't even know where to begin. if you have a few ideas of where to go and what to do please let me know, it would be awesome to learn from some of your experience ;) 

and currently, i'm having to fight off these guys for a spot on the couch. i will have to admit that i was a bit reluctant to include Ultimate Warrior into the club but he likes chick flicks as much as i do and now we're buddies hehee. (isn't that bambi cute? mr.handsome's grandmother made it for him when he was little and now little r enjoys wrestling the heck out of it. :) 

i've had this project on my mind for such a long time. this is the entrance to our home now. jazzed it up a bit with the only plants that like me. and they are still alive! they transplanted very well and love their new spot in the front of the house. the bucket is from IKEA and it's huge and tall. i filled it up 2/3rd with mailing foam and then added the dirt and plants. so glad i didn't fill the whole bucket up with dirt because i don't think i could move the darn thing hehee.  anyway, the new mat is also from IKEA. oh i love thee.

and yes i totally did it! woo hoo! i braved the spray paint, the fear and the doubt!  I found this HUGE globe during a thrift adventure. she's a beauty. she measures 48 inches in diameter.  A few scratches so it made her the perfect candidate for a chalk make over ;)  i love it! i have drawn 3 designs on this right now and i just turn it to change it up. super satisfied. never mind that i own 3 perfectly good globes plus this one. girl. you know a good deal when you see one. and now i have a cool place to jot down notes ;) 

and the end. a pic of my long hair. i need a trim bad. but i decided i would take a curling iron to it instead and have curls for a few minutes ( my hair never holds a decent curl ;( sadness, hence the picture for proof.) i called the mister and told him i had curls and by the time i saw him the curls were all gone.  darn you straight hair! double darn you!. hahaaaa!  i think my curling iron was laughing at me too.  : /

well, you are still here. you get a hi-5

i'm going to go clean something now. bleh... but  before i do i wish you a lovely spring :)

time to change things up!
have fun 


Valerie said...

So nice to see you after all this time! I kept checking your page for updates from time to time and was so happy when I saw your new post! Love all the new stamps! :)
Send some spring over here to ND - we're still stuck in winter - snow is EVERYWHERE! <3 :)

Dawn McVey (dawnsing) said...

Your curls look gorgeous!! But girl, I'm right there with hair won't hold curls to save my life. Darn you straight hair! Double darn you!!!

Love you, Chica!

martha brown said...

Re: Sewing machines. I LOVE my Bernina -- I have had it for 30 years and it is still perfect. (I use it at least once a week. I am on vacation now and it came with me) Having said that, my sewing machine repair guy (I was in for a new foot pedal - i wore mine out!) says that he would recommend a Janome. He says that Berninas used to be the best, but they are sloppily made now. He says that he rarely sees Janomes come in for repair.