Saturday, May 11, 2013

happy happy mother's day

or better yet, happy you are awesome day everyone!  :)

i picked up a few beautiful bouquets of flowers at my local farmers market and painted a few thrifted mason jars with some pretty acrylic paint. 

I figured it would be a lovely gift to give for this season. 

The jars were about 50 cents each, already had the paint and sealer, plus all these lovely flowers (filled 6 pretty jars full) for under $35 ;) 

I'm patting myself on the back for being all thrifty + crafty lol!

I added a string of bakers twine + mini tags + a new stamp design :) and a super cute photo tag of my little r. It's fun crafting on his behalf  ; P  lol!  

this one is one of my fav. I love the green color! I hope my sister sara loves it, she has a crush on the color green and i can see why, so pretty :) I made a cute little banner pendant out of a paper straw I already had + a handmade felt flower + a wood butterfly embellishment i bought at michaels a while back. i typed out my little greeting and cut it free hand and wrapped it around the straw. The little guy looks so proud in his little flowery goodness xoxo.

this one i kept for me :) i haven't finished it yet since i couldn't decide to distress it or leave it like it is now. what do you think? do you like the chic look? or the simple? I kind of like it like this but i'm tempted to distress it too! hahaa! I also painted a white one for my mother in law but sent it off to her before i decided on a last minute photo shoot. It looks so pretty :)  this is pretty much how our kitchen table looks now. paper pin wheels and floral bouquets. SO PRETTY! *mr handsome is rolling his eyes* but its so pretty! i keep telling him this and he's kinda convinced. ;) either way, i am the only girl and mama in the house, and I'ma workin' my girly things k. :)

and you know what? i love girly things. xoxo

swoon! *XoXo*

so at about mmmmm 10:45ish at night i decided i wanted to make cupcake in a jar. yes. um... crazy debee. check. hungry? craving? double check :)  and so i made cupcakes ( from a box) + chocolate pudding while the cupcakes baked. Then cut the cupcakes in half. Bottoms went in first and fit perfectly in these cute jars! i added a double scoop of pudding and sprinkled in some chocolate chips + peanut reese's pieces kisses then another scoop of pudding and squished the cupcake tops in. It was a bit messy and fun :) then i added a swirl of chocolate frosting. it was heaven. but then i remembered i had some homemade peanut butter cookie dough left over. yes. i did. i made mini peanut butter cookies topped off the frosting with an itty bitty cutie patootie cookie.

and  it was awesome! :)  xoxo new stamp available now in the shop

i had some wooden spoons left over from little r's birthday bash so i washi taped them :) they look adorable right? i love that i could use whatever i had already on hand. see, it pays to hoard paper goods :) I stamped some tags and presto! cute little jars all dolled up. 

and you know the best part? this is my mothers day gift from the mister & little r. a light up marque heart. oh me. oh my. i LOVE! i've been wanting to buy one for years now. i can't even tell you how much this makes me happy. we bought it at the QBM a few weeks ago. i had been eyeing it AAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLL day and finally asked the mister if my happiness mattered to him. 

he gave me the stink eye. >)  

well i replied. my happiness is in that booth in the corner with the lit up heart. he went over and came back with a serious look. where are you going to put it? i'm like WHAT? seriously! it doesn't matter where!!!! it's that i have to have it!!! i think i said something about life or death. for him not me. 

 i'm seriously not this dramatic in person 

so yeah. i told him he didn't even need to gift wrap it. and i reassured him that its much cheaper than anthropologie ;P  he gave me his blessing. So i went over and bought the dang thing. and i'm giddy with excitement. she's precious. and she's all mine. 

and every now and then i'm like, babe you buy me the best stuff! it's like you know exactly what i want :) lol! 

and then he bought us baseball tickets. ah rats. 

were even. 
and thats love :)

happy you are awesome day friends!
-d and the guys


Sara C said...


jamie said...

this post made me smile from beginning to end.
the photos are breathtakingly beautiful.
and i so adore the thrifty beauty you create.
you are adorable too.
have a beautiful day!

kim said...

Oh my....swoon! There's too much pretty here for me to handle! Love your jars and that photo of your son as a little tag is just perfect!

kim said...

Oh my....swoon! There's too much pretty here for me to handle! Love your jars and that photo of your son as a little tag is just perfect!

kim said...

Oh my....swoon! There's too much pretty here for me to handle! Love your jars and that photo of your son as a little tag is just perfect!

Dawn McVey (dawnsing) said...

Girl, I totally doesn't matter WHERE you'll put it! You'll always find the perfect place for it if you love it!!! (Duh.) Hahaha! B and I have totally had this same conversation! :)

Also, I vote for the jar distressing! That green one?! Gah. Love. We need to have a phone chat about how you did that. Or I could look it up on Pinterest. But that wouldn't be nearly as much fun! Haha!

Love you! xo

bliss-ologie said...

Feeling soooo inspired after your seeing your post today!