Friday, August 23, 2013

Birthday pre-party Party :)

Hello Lovelies!
Birthday season is upon us (at least in our little family) and we're seriously gonna be partying until the end of the year :)  I was so happy to be asked to guest over at "Come on Get Crafty" because for one, Nicole is awesome :) And it's such a good motivator to actually MAKE something when you have a deadline ;) I actually miss that about being on a design team. But anyhoo, so I received my goodies and look how pretty they look all ready to play?! I love putting my small embellishments in vintage molds on my desk. Cute & convenient. perfecto. 

Now for a moment of truth: i don't make cards. they sort of scare me. is it because they need to be small and i'm used to larger layout formats? i don't know. all i know is that i rarely ever never ever make them. but looky here, i made not just one! but a few!!!

Holy rolly polly! 
I made this one for my dear friend who is my birthday twin ( except she was born a whole month before me. What can i say? I like to celebrate our unique connection. ;) So i made her a cute card with a huge Inspire Lovely butterfly + some crazy typewriter love xo. 

Here's a simple one with our latest family pic. We take all our family pics ourselves using the timer on our camera and our tripod and me running like a crazy mangy lady back and forth pressing the button and trying to make little r laugh so he can smile at the camera. It seems to work that i actually do look like a funny dork and he always laughs :) lol! It's also a sight to see for everyone else around since we are usually out in public and people stop to stare hhahahaaa! Well, I made this one for my sister Cindy and her cute family. I thought of her with all the butterflies in the kit. I also used a Inspire Lovely Stamp: Everyday -xo-. So here's something pretty to add to her fridge. The photo is not adhered and is only tucked behind the we love you piece. I like to give people options :)

I made this one for my dad :) he doesn't read my blog so its cool, he's still gonna be surprised lol! This cute cork envelope is going to hold his gift card/present and a little note from me and the family. He keeps ALL the cards people give him so I knew i needed to make this special. He also loves bicycling and saying motivational quotes all the time like Today is the Day! so this worked out perfectly ;) Its so him xoxo.

You really can't go wrong decorating muffins. These pretties were my way of making the best use of really ripe bananas. I used the Starbucks banana bread recipe. SO good! I added chocolate chips and pecans for extra goodness. They turned out pretty tasty and made plenty to share. 

Well hello there sexy carbs xoxo


I also made a little thank you gift for my sister. She was so awesome and babysat little r for us while the mister and i had a little dinner. It was awesome! i can't remember the last time we did that just us two. The last time we took little r to eat i ended up with syrup & blueberry all over my new shirt and i wasn't even the one eating either. grrr.... It's like a default. i always end up looking mangy no matter what. still cool. i rocked the mange. lol!

Here I used double sided tape & clothespins to add the paper from the kit and made cute clothespins. My sister is a teacher so she always hangs kids stuff to show off :) She's cool like that. I also added a little fabric tape to a paper clip and clipped a few embellishments to each card. She's super crafty and I know this is going to be used up quickly :)

I included a little thank you note. I made the little pink tag out of the packaging that came with the kit. I simply used a bit of dry tape runner and typed over it with my typewriter. I think the butterfly design said something like "chasing butterflies", and now it doesn't ;) easy customizing. ta dah!

and last but not least, i decided the fridge needed a bit of paper love as well. we currently have all our extended family photos up but nothing of us. little r loves looking at pictures up on the fridge. so i printed up a few of our favorites. Even some photobooth love here. I added a few Inspire Lovely Embellishments - the wooden hearts and butterflies. from top left , the top strip is a magnet washi tape thingy. Its just patterned paper glued to a magnet :) top right: The little photo camera square is the magnet :) Bottom Left: The fabric tape butterfly embellishment is the magnet :) Also, the "cool" word is a magnet. Bottom right: The top design rectangle is a magnet. The cool thing about these are that I can easily add them into a layout after I'm done displaying them on the fridge :) 

Now our fridge looks all kinds of cute. sa-weet!

Okay, now off to make more stuff as I have a very happy crafting weekend up ahead. I get to get crafty with my sisters! I love that. It's gonna be fun :)  

I hope you have a lovely weekend and make something that makes your heart happy


Anonymous said...

love ya and your cupcakes ;)

craftykellyj said...

Such beautiful creations! I'm loving all the little details. So much to look at.

Bonita Rose said...

you live such a beautiful life... love your photography and how you make everything beautiful! You have a gift. xo

Keshet said...

Gorgeous! Especially that layout, it's so fun and whimsical!

Valerie said...

I love the photo of you trying to chew on little R's ear - I'm always doing that to my son! So delicious ;)