Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Happy September xo

We have our winners!
Jasmine Marie
Mariko Brown
Claudia @dulcinas

All winners have been contacted and happy to say all stamps are in the mail ! woo hoo! enjoy lovelies! :)  Stay tuned for a birthday giveaway!!!

We had so much fun with the response to the stamps :) I love sharing these stamps with you and had so much fun packaging all the orders and sending them out. In honor of september (my birthday month) i added a bit of paper love and some candy to each stamp order :)  Woo hoo! yes. candy *smiles* It was like sending out a little bit of pinata love. hahaa! But of course filled with stamp and paper goodness. Wouldn't that be cool to have a pinata with your favorite candy AND paper + embellishments + stamps?!?!?! i think i might just make that happen. although a big ol paper punch falling from a pinata sure doesn't sound too safe. yet i think its still cool. hahaa!

and here's a sneak peak at a few new stamps coming to the shop this Friday :)

i think i would love to stamp everyone i see with this one. ;)  Once i finished this stamp i quickly inked it and stamped mr.handsome with it. a faux tattoo of sorts hehee. I think it's pretty cool for lots of reasons, mostly because the people we love all rock. And they need this stamped on them. hahaaa!

and here we are. the little guy and his crazy mama. sigh* i'm already planning his 2nd birthday party. I just can't believe it. with all the talking he's been doing, the crazy connections his little brain is making is all more and more obvious. i was cleaning his nose with a tissue and he snuck in closer to see the dirty tissue and he says "EEEEEEEWWWWW!!!!!" yeah really. not my eeww. hahaa! Or yesterday during one of his diaper changes he grabs my hand and starts shaking it and asking me "how are you?". I'm like "excuse me?" I couldn't believe he was asking me how i was lol! he had to repeat it about 3 times for me to fully understand what he was trying to say hahaaa! Also, he never shakes anyones hand so i don't even know where he got that. funny kid. i want to remember these moments. stay in the good ones.  he's trying at times but these good silly moments are funny and worth remembering. 

i sometimes let me mind wander thinking about when he's a teenager. i hope all these timeouts and no no no's and crazy tantrums are long gone by then. more than anything i hope that telling him i love him even when he misbehaves is something he'll remember when he's older. no matter what i love you kiddo. you drive me crazy. and i love you. :)

my constant therapy, lots of prayer and playing around with succulents :)  I can't tell you how much it relaxes me. i know i get it from my mom. never expected to love playing with these pretties but so glad for a little peace and quiet. i think everyone of us needs a bit of peace and quiet from time to time right? I think my favorite has been unplugging and getting my hands dirty making new succulent arrangements. goodness i don't think this place needs anymore but i can't help myself. I love birthday months, i love celebrating each day in little ways like this. it's nothing big. nothing gift wrapped. but its something just for me. this weekend i will be celebrating my actual birthday on sunday. so things should be fun, even if its low key :) its been a good month so far. i hope you are enjoying the end of summer. A time for change. Especially making time to do something just for you. You are so worth it. 



Anonymous said...

i love you and the kid ;)

Bonita Rose said...

Your pics are gorgeous.. I hv that little blue and white bowl with the succulent in it.. it's part of my blue and white collection... we have the same one! Loved my new stamp... and omg.. the new ones look fab... love u and your beautiful family.. he's looking so big and grown up! xo

FrannyBaby said...

Succulents are on my bday wish list this year, theyre so lovely!! Glad to have found your blog, I just started mine and am making the rounds to find other creative individuals :) Your little man is sooo cute, the handshaking and "how are you" is so random its hilarious :)

Seawashed said...

Hi I just found your etsy shop and ordered some ribbon. Lovely shop. I am a new follower :)

Rachel Wess said...

Can't wait to order some stamps from your shop!! LOVE your style!! Two questions... 1. Where can I get succulents like yours? 2. Where can I get your Thank You Kindly stamp? I didn't see it in your shop. Thank you!! I'm adding your adorable blog to my Feedly! xo