Friday, March 28, 2014

Spring in the Shop Xo

Hi Beautiful,
Happy March! I get so excited with the change in seasons. I started seeing more florals available at the markets and I decided I should pick up a few new plants & floral bouquets to give our home & studio a bit of cheer. The bouquet above is from one of my favorite farmer's markets in san diego. I love roaming downtown and eating my way through the market :) 

And I picked up a few indoor plants (look! they all aren't succulents! hehee) just to see if I could start keeping plants inside the house. Thankfully, after 2 months they all seem to like us. The 6 month mark is what i'm going for lol! I love seeing all the green, so fresh. XO

I also have been crushing on  a gorgeous crewel piece i picked up at the thrift store for .25 It inspired a new paper kit, Hello Spring  now available in the shop.

I added lots of handmade details to the cards. I loved it! It's definitely time consuming but it was so pretty when it all came together. I loved mixing fabric and paper + sewing lines. I'm going old school  hehee. Back to the scrapbooking days , good times.

So flowers and flowers works for me, love the change in scenery.

A sewn pocket filled with sequins + confetti + butterflies = XOXO swoon!

and a bit of embellishment love. Greens + leaves, so happy :)

The vellum mason jar pockets inspired our new stamp set: Mason Jar XO

I couldn't help myself, i got a head start on some pretty tags for mother's day :) I watercoloured and it turned our so nice along with the stamps.  

A little gold ink shimmer in this pretty jar XO. I love the mix of colors & sequins . I had to sew a few of the details on just for fun. They look super cute.

Also, I sent out some cute mini swag bags recently and used the mason jar stamp set to stamp directly on the cloth bags we have in the shop

I played with different colors with this tag. Loved "filling" the jar with cute confetti. almost as good as the sprinkles on my donut. Allllllmost. ;) And who doesn't need a little donut break? I don't know about you but stamping makes me hungry lol! I have a weakness. It's called donuts. Pretty much anything in a pink box but yes, donuts.all of them. hahaa. And when you mix donuts and playing with paper, it makes for a very happy girl.  Get your stamp set here  and buy yourself a yummy donut = great combination! I have a giveaway coming this weekend on my instagram so if you would like to win something in this post *hint*hint* ya might wanna check it out over here ;) 

happy friday lovely!


Gemma said...


Just a quick note to say your 'Wild and free' Mason Jar Glitter image is lovely :)!


Ellen H. said...

How do you turn everything in an awesome project?!