Saturday, August 23, 2014

Summer LOVE

Oh summer. please don't go!  I feel like i haven't chased enough ice cream trucks or eaten enough strawberries and yummy pineapple. I definitely haven't eaten enough ice cream ;)  Pistachio is my favorite! As i was designing these papers I realized that time really does go by too quick when you're having fun. So maybe that's a good thing? It's a sign that you're enjoying life to the fullest, I just wish we could live in those moments a bit longer lol! 

Lately we've been cramming our last swim lessons with little r, always and adventure with a 2.5 year old lol! He started off so well then as the weeks went by he started to really be afraid of the water or just the part where you initially get in the pool. It was like giving a cat a bath. i have to laugh about it now but if you've ever given a cat a bath then you know thats not fun lol! We've also been potty training him and he's doing so well so I know emotionally there's a lot going on. Its been good though. it's been fun spending our summers together enjoying being out and walking together etc. Lots to document and remember! i always say, " i need to write that down!" lol! So that's what I've been doing and will use this fun kit to document our 3rd summer together :)

One of my favorite things about the kits is adding exclusive stamps. Our popsicle stamps we used to stamp the packaging in the previous post is now available in this kit! mmmm... so good :)

So yay to good times. to remembering and documenting. i'm giving myself this weekend to play with this kit. If you'd like to document your summer with this kit they are now available in the shop! i'm really excited to play with a few packaging ideas i have for this kit. Its definitely my favorite part :) glittery watercoloured watermelon + lemon + strawberries + popsicles + ice cream bars XO 
happy last it of summer!


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Michelle Philippi said...

Hi, Miss Debee.
I just got my second order from you. I love your pictures, and your staging is so bright, fresh and fun. Pistachio ice cream is my favie; and I love succulents too - ha!

xxo -