Saturday, October 4, 2014

Hello Fall XOXO

Let's start with the good stuff: September was awesome. Celebrated all month long as it was my birthday month. I loved it. lots of cake and sprinkles. Lots of family time. 

And then just for fun we put our home up for sale. Jk. It wasn't for fun. We really did put our home up for sale. I really did keep it clean for 2 weeks straight and I seriously doubt I could've made it 3 while people came to see it. But it was a great month. I can't wait to show you more pictures I took of our place. It's simple but it's home. And then, just as I was enjoying the fact that we actually sold our home... then reality started sinking in and the idea of moving has me feeling a bit less excited. More like just not excited at all. Because you know, moving isn't fun. But we ARE excited about finally buying a home that doesn't have a shared wall. And that does have a garage & a big back yard. I've already started missing this place and we haven't even moved! I'm such a sap. It didn't look like this when we first moved in and I guess looking back at all the work we put into this place & making it ours I feel like I will miss that part of us here. Luckily, our next home is a fixer upper so yay to putting our magic touch on that home too. It's going to be good. really really good :) 

So in 100 degree weather I got ready for this fall photo shoot and bought myself some more flowers & pumpkins and totally ate all the candy corn I darned pleased. Because life goes on and now we're onto fall, even if san diego doesn't believe in it with this hot weather. lol!

I'm loving fall anyway XOXO. 

New vintage card & fall inspired cards in 2 paper color choice options.

And I'm still in love with mason jars. So we made Kraft mason jar sticker labels. Perfect for labeling handmade gifts + treat bags & leaving cute random notes XO.

I also love these mason jar tags. I love labeling stuff. Everything. Just because. I should show you my tag drawer. Its pretty crazy in a good way :)

Kraft tags are super cute. I think these would be fun to use as place card holders for weddings and sending handmade love to friends & family. I think mason jars are forever XO.

You know i love clothespins. I thought they'd be even cooler with phrases! You know the pencils with engraved phrases. Well i rarely use a pencil or give one away so i thought the same idea with the phrases would look awesome on clothespins! I LOVE these! I've been using them on packaging recently and think it's super fun adding a cute phrase to each gift :)

And I've been loving these half tone mini wooden clothespins as well. Everything is cuter in mini format am I right? Each clothespin measures 1 inch. Adorable!

Last year was our first year debuting our mini calendars. I'm so pleased to share our 2015 calendars

We've included 5 font options with 3 paper color choices. I love customizing stuff & love the gift of choice. So that's what these beauties are all about. Use them in your paper projects, for gift giving or to decorate  and hang in your office & home. 2015 is going to be so lovely with these beauties.

A bit of handmade goodness for you. I've been making these doily garlands whenever I get the chance and I am so happy to share this one with you guys. I think this is the best way to upcycle thrifted doilies. I love that you can use these over and over again to decorate. Perfect for decorating a wedding table and a sweet corner of your home. I only made this one for this shop update so hurry quick before it's gone!

And the same goes for this little black garland. Perfect for minimal decorating. And works perfect for everyday decor. I always have a garland up somewhere in our home ;)

And our black & white design paper tags are now available in kraft ! :)

You can buy one of nine designs or one of each design. 
We've recently started offering wholesale options on these too. 

And I've saved the best new for last...It's sale time again, we're celebrating a new adventure for Inspire Lovely... we're moving our studio! If you've been waiting to stock up today is your day :) Enjoy this month's fall sale by entering "FallXOXO" at checkout for 20% off your order all month long. We're trying to lighten our load to make moving the studio easier so thanks in advance for your help ;)

Happy Fall & shopping! ps: I really wish i could share my bowl of candy corn & candy pumpkins because sometimes i only want to eat one and then i feel pressured to finish the 100 i have left lol! No self control, shame hehee.


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