Friday, December 26, 2014


If you were to come by for a visit you'd be welcomed by a pretty succulent wreath on our door.  I snagged the wreath at 75 % off (less than $5 ) at Michael's and for that cheap I really had to give my crazy idea a go. I had seen the wreath and passed on it. I felt like it needed something. It had a few empty spots and I thought, i could put succulents there! So the next day i bought the wreath and got to work. I cut succulents from my garden and I poked each stem with a long wire through the bottom and twisted it into place on the wreath. I think I just started a new Christmas decor tradition for us! The plants are still alive and I'm going to add them to my succulent pallet right after New Years :)

And now you get a little peek at our little home all dolled up for Christmas :)

You remember we moved a few months ago? We were in between packing the house, leaving the house for viewings and looking for a house and it was chaos. It was exciting. it was frustrating. it was prayer and patience. and it was falling in love all over again with a new place.

although we knew we weren't going to buy a "new" home. we fell in love with our new old ( new to us ) home. you ever get that feeling about a place? you just "know" if you love it or don't. I'm like that. our last place i KNEW it was for us. the same thing with this place.

( More succulents. of course! lol! )

An older lady lived in this house for over 40 years. I lovingly refer to it as our old lady house :) I love her taste and her not adding too much to this place. Because that means we get to change it just the way we like. it's such a foreign concept to us since we lived in our condo for 5 years and weren't allowed to do too much to the space. 

So a little bit at a time we are making changes. You ready for a before picture? say yes! ;)

This picture was from the agents listing. We viewed the house and this is what we saw. I LOVED IT!  hahaaa! They always say to not look at the current state but at the potential. And I knew we had done it before with our condo and I knew we could add our charm to this place too. I'm like, can i keep that sofa and pillow?! but that carpet has got to go. you know? 

So the first thing to go was the carpet. 
The Mr. pulled up the ugly red/orange shaggy carpet and discovered this beautiful flooring! 

To say we were beyond thrilled is a bit of an understatement. We kept asking ourselves, "Who puts this ugly carpet over this beautiful flooring?!" But you know what? I'm thankful she did. It preserved the flooring just beautifully. Real wood flooring! We put IKEA laminate in our last home and expected to do the same here but yay! we saved the money by just yanking that ugly carpet out :)

The house comes with built in shelves in the living room. XO dream come true XO

We've yet to unpack our library of books because we want to paint the shelves white. Of course that's on a really looooong list of things to do and another before & after pic for sure.

So our first Christmas in our first house. it's such a special thing for us. Just 2 months ago it seemed it was not going to be possible and to be here now is such an overwhelming feeling of JOY. I couldn't let Christmas pass without decorating :) I'm thankful for this small little space we now get to call home.  

I might have over done it on the trees though ;P
The Mr. was like no tree this year and I'm like how bout 100 little trees?! lol! sounds like a deal to me. and little r loved it. I hope your Christmas was beautiful & filled with love. Out of all the things/gifts  I am most thankful for love & for blessings that far outreach our expectations. Without it I am sure this house would just feel empty. May you be filled with love & joy friends.


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that's a nice floor ... love ya ;)