Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Succulents over Mr.Darcy any day. Hands Down :)

I don't know if you know this but I really like succulents. it's no secret if you follow along my #succulentsunday adventures on instagram(@inspirelovely). I sometimes think it's becoming a succulent photo account as I post more succulent pics than i do my family + and shop news lol!
Each Sunday I share a picture from my garden or a photo of a succulent arrangement that inspires me.

 I figured I should start sharing my succulent adventures here also. It's part of my home + crafty hobby update. Yay! i know,  i'm excited too :)

SO rewind to black friday 2014... i got an newsletter email from West Elm about a sale online and i just gleaned over it a bit. then i noticed it. the most awesome faceted terrarium!

I looked it over and it had a percentage discount + free shipping and to me thats a magic combination :) ( i'm such an enabler! lol!)

It took a bit longer to convince Mr.Handsome of this lol!
It was backordered and was estimated to ship mid January 2015. I was like "hey you wanna buy me this pretty planter for Valentine's day Mister?! Say yes!"  :)

I have no problem helping him buy me gifts. I'm more like leading him in the right direction hehee.
Of course a succulent planter for valentine's day was perfect ( he also surprised me with the "I LOVE MR.DARCY"tote pictured above + a dvd of 4 of my favorite Jane Austin movies!). So it finally came late January and there it sat in all its prettiness. I used it as a candle holder for a while. Little r filled it with his toys behind my back lol! We both enjoyed it as is for a bit. Then yesterday i decided it was enough time waiting... and I played in the garden a bit XO

I love the middle burgundy tipped succulent! I tried handling the cactus gently but as we speak I have a few needles in my hands that are really starting to annoy me lol! I used a pair of long dull scissors to move & place the succulents + a paint brush to wipe the dirt that fell on top of the succulents. I didn't need to use any extra soil, just what came with each succulent, in face I had plenty left over. So here is my little beauty. She's sitting on our coffee table with a picture of me & the Mr smooching. I've always liked hanging around the coffee table but now I cant help but smile every time i glance over at this pretty.

its the little things XO
bringing in a bit of nature into your home is such a game changer am i right?
So happy to think of the mister when I see this little gem and little r loved it too :)
Double win.

Hope your crafty hobbies are getting done, happy week lovelies!

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Bonita Rose said...

you do everything so pretty!!