Friday, April 17, 2015

Custom Stamp XOXO

It's FINALLY here! Custom stamps! I've been asked time and time again if we offer custom stamps in the shop and I always say not yet... *blushes*.  I knew that I needed to sit down and get all the logistics straight and then I finally sat down to create a few. 

I started with custom address stamps that I think would be perfect for mother's day & teachers day :) That globe makes me so happy I think teachers would love it too! 

The florals on this one are my fav. Love the vintage feel of both the stamp design and the stamp handle, so pretty. This pretty stamp makes me want to send more happy mail :) I think a few of my friends and family are getting a custom stamp ;)

I also included a floral Monogram stamp perfect for stationary & packaging.

And anyone up for a little DIY wedding stamp?  I feel like DIY is encouraged more now a days rather than forking over a huge part of your wedding budget for invite designs etc. And that's perfect because it's friendlier on the wallet and makes for easier wedding planning. 

We got married 6 years ago this April 24th and sigh* I can still remember all the DIY for our wedding. We were in the middle of buying our condo and money was very tight. This stamp would've come in handy hahaa :) I made our invites + save the dates + programs + table decor + bouquet + cake lol! Now that I think about it that was CRAZY. We spent less than $2,000 on the entire wedding including my dress :) I feel like being in escrow came in handy as it kept us within budget. Mr Handsome always reminded me to stay focused: do we want a wedding or a home? SO hard but our wedding was so good and we had a seriously great wedding day and that's all I remember XOXO :)

So happy stamping lovelies! The stamps are $25 and ship for free domestically for a limited time. Happy Friday! And yay for surviving tax season! ;)

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Bonita Rose said...

these are so beautiful Debee.. xo u make so many beautiful things. xo a few of these are on my wish list for some upcoming ideas I have... xo You contribute so much to this creative world we live in. Keep being you. xo