Monday, July 13, 2015



Thank you lovelies! I'm really happy to share my news, the surgery was a success!  I went in Friday afternoon and was home the same day resting. Thankful for Mr.Handsome and my little guy for taking good care of me XOXO. My surgeon and his team were pretty amazing ( despite a nurse not being able to get a needle in my veins twice- ouch! ) They were able to remove the cyst and save the ovary :) They also found another large mass about the size of a fist that he said was endometriosis.  Not the best to find out you have yet another problem but very happy that he removed it and hopefully won't be a problem in the future. I feel like this month has been a painful whirlwind but extremely thankful that I can now start healing and feeling better. I've been home resting & thankful for your prayers. Everyday I force myself out of bed, into a new change of clothes, wash my face and put on a bit of makeup. It helps get me moving and feeling better. But I did close the shop for this week.

Last week at my pre-op visit my doctor gave me a work excuse for a whole month. I was startled and asked him is it really going to take a whole month?!? I thought I would be back to work Monday ??? Crazy right? It turns out I'm going to listen. And take this week off to finish resting up. I have 3 scars that need to heal and I'm going to do it right. Rest. and more rest. I'm so eager to get back to making new things & cutting down my to do list but i am learning patience. with myself. and with time. Last week I picked up a few essentials at Target and ended up buying a mini calendar! I used to use a planner for work back when I had a 9-5 job but now a days I just like to use notepads. But I'm giving this planner thing a go and already have a few fun ideas to fill it up. First up, a photo strip from our recent trip to the Del Mar fair. I LOVE photo booths and this one even included the little fish Rafael won in the 3rd picture :) I picked up some metallic washi tapes from Michaels on sale to use to write on. And a few new Inspire Lovely flamingo stickers to emphasize important dates. I'll continue to share updates on my planner and how its working for me. So far I'm going to block this week out for REST XO.

Before I sign off I wanted to ask you, that if you have been living with pain or discomfort please go get it checked out. Whatever, wherever it is. If I'm being honest with myself, I've been in pain for over 6 months. I've felt it on and off. I always excused it as girl pain. And it would briefly go away. I always thought I had such a low tolerance for pain but it turns out when its a little bit over time and it gets slowly more painful, you might not notice it.  My doctor found it very troubling that I wasn't complaining of pain and would constantly ask me, is it painful now? I always said it was tolerable. If the cysts that I didn't knew I had hadn't burst a month ago I would've never known there was a third that needed to be removed or that I had a mass of endometriosis. I'm thankful that despite this painful experience, its being resolved. I know what it is. I'm able to face it. Sure I cry, sure I have a moment where I feel sorry for myself. But I'm no longer pretending the pain isn't there or that I'm okay.  I know I'm going to be okay now. I know that its been addressed and what to pray for and I'm ready to move forward from it.  I pray and hope the same for you lovely. Please take good care of yourself.
love & hugs,


Sridhar Chandrasekaran said...

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Bonita Rose said...

so happy you are through it and back home. Yes.. take the time to rest. Don't do much. write out ideas, sketch out ideas.. do little things.. but more than anything.. rest. meditate. Read. Take photographs. And enjoy your family. I'm glad you are okay. I have been missing your beautiful posts and your wonderful presence.. I'm glad you are happy and doing well. Heal and take it SLOW. xo

Jill said...

I'm so sorry that you had to go through that, but I am so relieved for you as well!