Friday, February 19, 2016

Post Valentine blues XO

Growing up I was never a huge fan of Valentine's day. Now as a mama I'm tickled blue. :)
I recently started making sugar cookies using this awesome cookie recipe for "Perfect cut out cookies". Except I don't cover them with royal icing, I use fondant. I know. My mind has changed about fondant. I won't order a cake in it unless I make it or know who is making it lol! Oh but these are SO good! 

Owning a packaging shop really has its advantages :) I went a little overboard with the packaging but that's to be expected. I used Mason jar tags + Valentine Tags + Red heart stickers + red twine + Red heart doilies XOXO
I even decorated a cheesy Valentine Chocolate box with these cuties. I Loved adding photos of Rafael as tags. Sometimes I misprint photos and I don't want to just toss them so this was the perfect way to use them up! And I love that glittery pink against the red heart sticker = perfect!

I rolled out white fondant and cut out hearts using the same cookie cutter. I asked rafael what color he wanted and he only wanted to use BLUE, I was thinking.... umm that's not the color scheme! But i just went with it because Blue makes him happy :) I mixed some edible blue ink color with clear vanilla and he painted the color on each white fondant heart. So cool. And now looking at all of the pictures that BLUE makes the rest of the colors pop right? (Stamp from the shop) A little bit of Rafael and a little bit of mama XOXO 

 My fav photo of him  XO So adorable. I even taught him to ask "Will you be my Valentine?" To his grandma + aunts = super charming. I keep forgetting to record him and his little sweet voice asking - mental note! lol! Oh this year Valentines Day was pretty sweet & awesome. I can't wait for him to start school and we can make these for his little class mates. :)

I hope you're having a beautiful month of love. How crazy that it's almost over though. I'm planning my next craft party and hope to share some easter & mothers day love soon.

happy friday!

ps: What kind of crafty things are you making?

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