Monday, April 25, 2016

Easter Blooms

Hi everyone! This month has sure flown by! I was putting the finishing touches on new designs and checked the calendar only to discover that over half the month is over and this weekend is my wedding anniversary :) SO how's your spring looking? Ours started off with some yummy Easter treats and family time.  I made this succulent centerpiece and decorated the table with vintage napkins & doily runner.  Yellow and green XOXO love love it. I tied the napkins with twine and tags stamped with "Blessings & Love" from the shop. Clean and simple :)

Easter at our house included an easter egg hunt and candies everywhere. Probably too many candies ;) I made cute bunny bags using the cloth canvas bags in the shop & a sticker heart for the cute nose. Too bad I couldn't send out candies to customers, we had so much candy lol!

Little R and I had fun coloring eggs for the very first time this year. I didn't grow up celebrating Easter with eggs and bunnies but I couldn't help it, we had fun and drawing/painting with my little guy is my favorite thing.  So we painted a few eggs and this is what they looked like :)

Little R made the blue egg with R's on them and mama made all the pink ones lol!

Then we made and decorated sugar cookies. If i teach rafael anything in life is celebrating every occasion with cookies and craft time :) Look at those little hands! He's not so little anymore :( 

Man these four years have flown by...My one and only baby... or big boy rather. I always ask him if I can hold him like a baby and sometimes he says yes. All 50 lbs of him. Guys he's 4 ft already?!?! I'm like NNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO stop growing!!! hahaa.. Our time is flying by, I hope I'm making the best out of the time I have. I've been seeing different doctors to figure out why I have pain in my hands and feet. Thankfully I've been doing yoga and it's been helping. But no clear answers and no real comfort from the pain. I've been referred to acupuncture therapy and still on the fence as to whether thats helping. I'm just praying through it and reminding myself to stay positive. It's not easy, I wonder how much longer I have to wait to be pain free. But focusing on being Thankful refocuses me on what is important. I'm blessed with my little family and grateful for life with them. This is one blessed mama XOXO

I was looking back at the posts this year and realized that I haven't shared my adventure in reorganizing our home. It's been a long process, back in January I joined a facebook group decluttering 30 bags in 30 days. It took me 2 months lol! But I was motivated to donate 36 bags of "stuff" from our home! And when I went through my craft boxes I discovered so many art projects I bought but never finished, like these paper flowers from Paper Source from about 6 years ago. I almost donated the supplies but I kept them and thankfully found time after Little R fell asleep to make them! yay! 

And I found some extra large flower packs lol! I finished these during lunch break :) 

Back at work, I'm loving these new large butterfly stickers. They're perfect for spring! I included a few in every order :)

And my next stamp project was inspired by my love of succulents. Here's a few I bought on sale at Home Depot a few weeks ago.  I'll show you what I did with them later :)  

For now I'll show you the illustration I created for new custom stamps available in the shop.  This is a burro succulent in a cute heart planter. I added some watercolor paint and I love it. This week only this stamp is for sale $20 (regular price $25). I think its the perfect gift for any succulent lover XO. Just in time for mother's day :)  How fun right? I am giving a custom stamp away on IG and hope to give one away here once I get my new notepads in my hands. Giving free product is really exciting :) Happy spring lovelies!

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