Monday, February 6, 2017

Hello Love

Hi love!
January just zoomed right by am I right?  I'm loving it :) I LOVE February and I absolutely love decorating and sending out parcels to friends XO.  This month is the month of all things hearts and the heart stickers in the shop are perfect for pretty packages. I've made a list of people I am going to surprise with a little package of goodness, the list includes our friend and postal worker + yoga teachers and Rafael's little buddies :) 

So here is our Valentine haul for his buddies & teachers! Glassine bags + TwinePink & Red doilies + Tags + Love stamp from the shop :) I printed out "You are DINO-mite!" cards for Rafael to give to his buddies along with a toy dinosaur and lollipop. And inside the glassine bags are apple shaped sugar cookies that Rafael helped color. We threw in some cupcake Hersheys Kisses and classic conversation hearts. I had Rafael write R's on all the tags and added a heart sticker for some fun glam.  Everyone loved them! 

It was so nice to see my little guy hand these treats out to his friends and teachers. And to think I almost didn't make time to put them together. So glad that I did, it was fun to put them together with my little guy.

We've been playing with out breakfast too hahaa! How cute is his owl?!

We also took all the Christmas decor down and added touches of Valentine's day.  I made a long heart garland to decorate our faux mantle and added few extra in the shop.

Here is a plate of goodness that my little guy and I put together for our neighbors :) He helped me add all the cute sprinkles. How fun are these sprinkles! We made our own sprinkle concoction and I love this little dash of goodness. I always return a plate that my neighbor gives me with a little bit of sugar goodness. That's what neighbors do, its a win win. ;)

Red not your favorite color? That's okay, here's my take on a boho inspired Valentine

Fringe hearts ! Fringe heart embellishments forever XOXO

And Fringe cactus XO  I made heart sparkle emoji cookies to share with a few of my fav people :)

I love making the fringe hearts and even made a sugar cookie fringe heart XO. I know, I'm stress baking again lol!

I also baked these cute teepee cookies for my friend. She threw her daughter a baby shower and it was so lovely. I love little details like this :)

And these cookies I baked for another friend who threw her lovely BFF a baby shower. I especially love the edible gold glitter! I couldn't wait to photograph them :)  

The stickers, cloth bags and heart embellishments are all available in the shop. Today is the last day
to get your order in and have your items shipped in time for Valentine's Day :)  I'm adding a set of heart stickers to each order, just mention "Hearts" at checkout for yours :)

Happy giving! 

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