Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Summer Colors

Summer is definitely on my mind. I love summer colors. Can I just say I think I got really crazy with my summer layouts. I usually shy away from color. Even in what I wear. Black or grey baby >) Hehee. Lately, it's been less of that and a lot more of color. These layouts were fun, totally goes with how I felt at the time. Surf classes were so cool. Thanks Norma for your inspiration and pictures! PS: I got some great BasicGrey news today so I will post about that later :) Very cool...very cool!

The blue pattern paper is my fav. I wish it was a cool towel design. And I'm sure you can tell that holding that foamie was KILLING ME!!! I think I was telling Norma to hurry it up because that board weighed a ton! Well, after 3 straight hours "surfing" (I really never got up :) Waaaaaay to LAZY. Just chillin' and relaxin' in beautiful SD. PS: Totally jazzed up the color of the water. The water is a really icky green. But doesn't it look pretty now after I fixed it? hehee. I wish.

Not really excited about this one... kind of seems a little crazy huh?
Oh well. I think it shows that I was in a hurry :)

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