Friday, June 22, 2007

Faith Scrapping in progress...

I've been listening to lots of great music that is inspiring some faith scrapping. Some songs I've had on my iPod for a while now and just so happen to love more today than ever before. Lots of Jennifer Knapp, Hillsong United, Jars of Clay and Chris Tomlin. Wow, such a great encouragement. So awesome to call them my brothers and sisters :)

These layouts inspired by Jennifer Knapp songs:

and this one too:

In my Small Group, we've been studying on trusting God with our burdens. I took some of my favorite verses and scrapped them so that I can have a visual reminder of them. This is turning out to be more of a prayer journal than anything. I'm excited about learning the verses when I scrap, I just keep reciting them the entire time I work on the layout. I'm enjoying scrapping and journaling Bible verses-the best of both worlds :) It's definitely a huge embrace just when I need it.

Faith scrapping:

And it all started with this one:
(Found this verse to be perfect for what I feel right now)

So that's the progress now. Anytime I feel insecure, in doubt, or just scared, this helps so much. Being creatively inspired to reach into the Bible, grab a verse and hang onto that promise for dear life. Lots more to come I'm sure, lots and lots more.
Take chances. Live. Trust. And always love.

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