Tuesday, October 16, 2007

* Excited *

Really I am..... I just have fallen off the face of the earth but a lot has happened...
1- Ordered my new Canon 40D! Comes in Thursday and I am so very excited about it.
2- Feeling Inspired. I should be updating this blog often as I will have lots of pics to share and scrap :)
3- I WON a BG contest and I am totally just blown away by the response. I love Basic Grey!!!!
4- I have a package of $100 worth of free BG product coming my way! I can't get enough! >)
5- Counting my blessings and I know this list can go on forever.

I went and had lunch with Coco, Stephanie & David. So much fun to be around. We enjoyed the cool San Diego evening and some delicious Greek food....mmmmm...yum. Had a great day at work...lots of stuff getting done and stuff getting checked off my to-do list. Love that. Well, not much else, just working on some crafts and enjoying some PI kits that I've stashed around...I'll end with a picture of my scrap page for the Basic Grey Obscure contest. (I'm glad for the process of creating this page, I felt unrestricted, creative, free flowing and excited. Love that feeling. Nothing else matters, not if no one else likes it or if it looks ugly...just create-live it, love it, do it -*Love that*

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karin said...

i agree totally, my favourite stash is always BG and Cosmo Cricket!!
love from sunny South Africa