Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Smells funny

But I love it. Spray can smells remind me of my art classes. Being in the art studio and smelling spray paint mixed with turpentine and gosh knows what else. So funny how certain smells just take you back. Smells can evoke so much nostalgia. Close your eyes and your back there again. Sometimes I wish I could go back to enjoy it more. Heck, just live it and appreciate being a student again. Why rush to work 40+ hours every week for the rest of your life? I want my 3 month summer vacation back! And I really want to draw all day. How stinkin' merry I was and I didn't even know it.

So now that I am a life artist with a certain passion for creating "scrap" (hehee, almost forgot the "s") I'm writing this as a gentle reminder to myself ENJOY IT!!!! And never ever ever ever lose it. PLAY MORE!


Anonymous said...

Boy, I think of that often. Art, interior decorating & graphic design were 3 classes I had my senior year. Those were the classes that made me want to go to school - math made me want to stay home. Anyway - love your work & your blog!!

Keka said...

Yes, I agree! I'm taking advantage of all this scrapping time while I'm still looking for a job!