Wednesday, May 14, 2008

drop kicked

thought I was over the viral infection...but wait. it came back :(
my tonsils are throbbing and I keep complaining to poor mr. handsome LOL
so that's why I've been missing in action.

and to formally apologize to the rest of you girls who have not received your art cards,rak and layout. i sowwy.
I am going to make an effort and get my rear into gear this Saturday to make it to the post. I really really am. I promise you that.

anyone want a viral infection? kinda cute (not really). needs a new home.

I did manage to make my mama a simple card for mother's day. Man, I seriously feel bad for not making it as pretty as the art cards. But I did this in like 10 minutes and then my energy drained. Journaling is in Spanish- yes, my native language. Just some mushy stuff for mommies. With a promise for a pedi! WOOT!

I did make her some delicious upside down pineapple muffins and strawberry ones too. mmm yumm. That was the only day I felt pretty good. And I think it all had to do with the canned cool whip! Where have I been? I can't imagine life without it! LOL mmmm delish and a new fav. Every fridge needs one. But don't tell my thighs :)

I also have been spending some huggy time with this little chunk of goodness. He's a grandma's boy and I think he likes it.
(PS: he is NOT picking my nose, better yet his is scratching my eye can we say OUCH)

And just cuz I got my stimulus check, i HAD to get something fun :) Seeing as my iPOD died a horrible death (finally after almost 3 years) I definitely upgraded with this:

meet my new pal JAG (super cheesy but the closest I'll ever get to owning anything expensive like the jaguar I'm dreaming of)

16 GB of iPODTouch goodness
I'll never be the same
he's stealth people
he breathes music in my direction and I say whoopie!
hip hip hooray! I can even check my bog on this! AND e-mail everyone! Freakn' cool.
and just cuz I wanted to chill at home and I LOVE music when I make art, I also bought an ihome. Or should I say iHOMEY since I accidentally bought the silver one. EWw so 70's. the silver reminds me of some ghetto low rider car. LOL whatevs. Jag is pimpin' it in style. ♥

Okay- this is officially my longest post ever and so sorry you had to go through it. But I will come back and answer your questions (Louise & Gigi) ;)

I missed you guys...


All That Chit Chat said...

Sorry you're not feeling well. Send your hubby for lots and lots of errands to Ralph's have him get you hot soup and lemon tea and stuff.

Rhi said...

i wondered why you email the other day said, "sent by my ipod" or something like that.
now i know!
i hope you get over this nasty thing soon :(

Louise said...

Oooh Girl you be kind to yourself and get rid of that virus!!!!

Looove the toy!!!!

But could go a vintage Jag anyday!!!

Lou :)x

nikki peterson said...

love the card and congrats on the new ipod... maybe the jag will come someday.

dani said...

oh no!! So sorry you were so sick! a viral infection does not have fun at all, hopefully you're feeling better??

The card is lovely - and for ten minutes work too!!! Lovely lovely gift, I'm sure your mom loved it!

cool whip in a can? how have I never heard of this before..... I'm going to have to hunt it down next time I'm at the store. loooove cool whip!

Awesome new ipod - I really need to catch up with everybody and get one!

Keka said...

Yay! You're have been missed! :) Get well soon hun! xoxo :)