Friday, May 30, 2008

Go On...

good bye friday
you made me mad
you made me cry
i could not breathe
i felt so much pain
and you just stayed
made this day
the longest i've lived in quite a while
and yet you were redeemed
once the clock struck 5
i made a choice
to leave you with a smile and happy to say good bye
had me a kiss
love by my side
we made a choice to make an end of this day
down by the beach
a pizza in hand
we listened to peace
sea by our side
and we gazed up at You
and You said Hello :)
You made me smile
i thought
this is what i've needed
in a long while
lifted and redeemed
go on

here's to a great weekend


Rhi said...

so beautiful, sweet debee.
hoping you are okay xxx

Anonymous said...

be still my heart.
you are goodness.

Mandi Johnson said...

Wow. This is oh so poetic... and lovely. And I hope as well that things are okay.

Louise said...

So Wonderful!!!

and Yes, I do hope you are OK :)x

stephtulla said...

That is so beautiful. I completely understand you...and how the beach can heal. Hope it all helped.

stephtulla said...

That is so beautiful and so true...that beach is very healing. We're lucky to be so close to it. Keep choosing joy!

michelle raMirez said...

beautifully put.